Sedative Meds

Alcohol and nicotine use

Harmful habits – alcohol and nicotine abuse, adversely affect the entire body, including sleep. The harmful effects are due to the fact that ethyl alcohol and nicotine slow down the process of melatonin production.

It is from this hormone that the regulation of sleep and wakefulness, the depth and duration of the night’s rest, depend. Especially harmful to drink alcohol and smoke at night.

Men who have such bad habits sleep badly at night and often wake up. To normalize the daily rhythms, it is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking.

How is insomnia treated?

The causes and treatment of sleep disorders are closely related. Not knowing why exactly insomnia occurs in men, the problem is almost impossible to eliminate without taking sleeping pills.

To cure insomnia, a man immediately after the occurrence of such a problem should contact a qualified specialist. Based on the complaints and the results of the examination, the specialist will tell you how to treat insomnia.

To combat male insomnia, it is important to ensure a healthy and deep sleep. To do this, daily follow these simple rules:

In the evening, do not drink coffee, tea, alcohol.
Refuse a rich fatty dinner, preferring light and low-calorie food for a few hours before bedtime.
Avoid stress and emotional stress.
Maintain control over physical and mental stress, avoid overwork.
To exclude TV viewing and work at the computer before going to bed.
Monitor the state of health, timely treatment of all diseases.
Add physical activity to your daily schedule in the morning;
Every day try to go to bed at the same time so that a daily routine is worked out, and the body itself is already preparing for rest.
It is important to know! Drug therapy is prescribed by a specialist only for chronic insomnia after a full examination of the patient.

The treatment consists of taking sleeping and sedative medications. In addition, if any abnormalities are detected, their symptomatic treatment is required.

The method of treatment should be chosen by the doctor based on the problems of each patient individually. You should not take sleeping pills and sedative drugs yourself, such actions can only worsen the situation.

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