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Annoying noise

You can wake up at any of the five stages of sleep (see chapter three), but, as a rule, noise sensitivity is characteristic of the first two. However, the body is ready to wake you up in advance (at any stage) as soon as it is in danger. The ability in a dream to monitor its safety and the safety of the family is a specific trait of human nature. No matter how tempting this statement is from the point of view of theory, it is not so easy to cope with if you move into a house next to a 24-hour karaoke bar. But do not go crazy like Van Gogh! You can take proactive actions that will reduce the noise level in the bedroom.

Soundproofing in the bedroom
In addition to soundproofing the ceiling, floor and / or walls in the literal sense (which is expensive and reduces the space), there are many simple ways to achieve a similar result:

  • Eliminate extraneous noise. No matter how you get used to the cuckoo clocks, their sound can amplify the noise: baking in combination with the ticking of the wristwatch on the night table and the wall clock of the grandfather in the next room is a clear bust! So get rid of everything that is possible. As Danielle once understood, to save a room from noise is an easy way to feel that you are in control of the atmosphere in which you sleep.
  • Consider turning on and off heating and hot water. If the boiler is located next to the bedroom, it may begin to make noise in the middle of the night.
  • f the spouse snores, go to the nearest pharmacy and stock up on snoring (the choice is very large). Or, if he (a) is lying on his back, turn him (her) on his side – people usually snore louder than he is lying on his back.
  • Consider buying earplugs. The sounds that you have to hear will still penetrate (for example, the baby’s crying or the sound of your name): we are programmed to pick up these sounds no matter what happens around. But ordinary sounds will be muffled. Meanwhile, earplugs have a downside: they enhance the sounds of your own body, for example, breathing and swallowing. If you think this is the cause of insomnia, try the so-called white noises.
  • White noise. You can download applications or buy a special device that emits a neutral background sound that obscures everything that happens below this level. Your inborn sensors pick up any noise perceived as a danger signal: voices, crashing, loud conversations, but you will not hear the useless distracting sounds of quiet conversation, telecast or soft music.

Don’t worry too much. If you live near the high-speed rail, you will eventually get used to it and you will sleep to the sound of passing trains. Consciousness will learn to perceive this sound as a background, and not as a danger.

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