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The basis of a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed, which is why it is disturbing that many people disregard mattresses. Now you will understand why this is important. No one reports that their shelf life is about to expire – and buying a mattress is never as enjoyable as advertisers say. Meanwhile, sleeping on a mattress infested with dust mites, from which shreds of soft allergenic stuffing stick out, is by no means useful – especially if the mattress is more than ten years old. A bad bed can shorten a night’s sleep for a whole hour, and in bed we spend a third of our life, so buying a good mattress is very important for a good sleep (and quality of life). It will make your sleep longer and stronger, help prevent back pain and ligaments. Think about it.

Buying a bed
It’s time to buy a new bed if:

  • You feel awkward (it’s amazing how often we don’t pay attention to it) or when you wake up you feel tired and have back pain.
  • There are clear signs that the mattress is worn or holed, such as sagging, clods, or springs that appear.
  • You turned him over, but sleep is still uncomfortable.
  • You suffer from skin and respiratory allergies, and the mattress is old. For a decade, the feces of vile insects can double the weight of a mattress – even dust mites can live even in the cleanest bed.
  • If you are more comfortable and more pleasant to sleep in different beds, for example, in a hotel or with friends.

How to buy a bed:

  • Ask a sales representative for advice. He should know what he is selling; at least he knows more than you do.
  • Try the mattress before you buy. Lie on different mattresses in the showroom, change positions to make sure that you are comfortable. Jump on it.
  • If you are sharing a bed with your spouse, try to make a purchase together. If you differ greatly in body size, consider buying a mattress of two separate parts (or move two single beds together), then each of you can choose the one that suits you. Thin people prefer soft mattresses, then
    as full prefer something harder.
  • If you suffer from allergies, search online for sure to avoid
    anything that could provoke it, for example, choose foam filler instead of pen; make sure that the mattress is made of natural materials so that dust mites do not start; check that it is not sprayed with various chemicals that can cause irritation on the skin.

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