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Behavior that causes insomnia

We have already mentioned that some people cannot fall asleep because of the psychological attitude, because they fix their attention on something definite, and not because they suffer from a serious nervous disease. False fixation of attention, when a person is too deep in some thoughts, feelings or desires, can lead to sleep disturbance.

Psychophysiological insomnia caused by behavioral causes, in second place in frequency after insomnia, arising from violations of the rules of sleep hygiene. She is close to the mechanisms of anxiety, which prevents sleep. This variant of insomnia appears when a person is negatively disposed towards sleeping in his own bed.

Violating sleep hygiene, a person gets used to thinking and thinking about his troubling problems, lying in bed before falling asleep. Anxious thoughts excite, cause anxiety and sleep disappears, giving way to insomnia. In the end, tiredness from lack of sleep accumulates and a person tries to convince himself that it is no good for him to live, and that today he needs to sleep well. But alas – not here, it was! How not to strain, and sleep will no longer be, you are too trying to sleep. In the following nights, the same thing happens: the more a person tries to fall asleep, the more likely the expectation of failure. Now the view of the bed and your own bedroom means that it will be very difficult to fall asleep, and the sleepless night has come again. Such patients sleep well outside the home or in the next room of the apartment, but not in their usual place. This is due to the fact that people with psychophysiological insomnia are anxious about sleep: temporary insomnia has developed into a conditioned reflex: “I cannot fall asleep when I go to bed in my bed”.

In this case, it is proper sleep hygiene that becomes the main treatment method in combination with behavioral methods of insomnia therapy.

Behavioral therapy along with sleep hygiene is useful for all types of insomnia. Relaxation techniques need to bring to automatism, then there will be no problems with sleep and sleeping pills will not be needed because you will be able to control your mind for health benefits.

– Gradual relaxation helps with strong physical exertion, when the muscles are compacted and difficult to relax.

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