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Can I sleep at weekends?

If your work is connected with daily shifts without the right to sleep or you work on shifts, then when you come home, you just need to sleep off. It has long been known that in the absence of sleep for more than 24 hours a person develops a “retarded state” (asleep on the go): attention is dulled, body reactions slow down, absent-mindedness appears (car can not be controlled), headaches start to ache, general weakness appears. In the absence of sleep for more than three days, mental disorders begin – hallucinations (you see what is not really there).

During sleep, the brain processes the information received during the day, additional connections are formed in the nerve cells, which helps to memorize this information for a long time (long-term memory is formed). Daytime sleep is less effective than nighttime sleep. After a day’s sleep, the vivacity that arises after a night’s sleep is not felt, the weakness in the body, the headaches remain.

  1. What are the consequences if you do not get enough sleep all the time?
  2. Increased blood pressure and as a consequence – after 15-20 years of stroke of the brain.
  3. Frequent infectious diseases due to decreased immunity.
  4. Impotence to 35-40 years.
  5. Rapid aging of the body (hair grows gray before, wrinkles appear on the face).
  6. Memory worsens, there is a distraction of attention.

A healthy, sound sleep is a guarantee of your health and long life in a strong mind and memory. Sleep properly! 🙂

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