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Carcinogenic radiation. Scandals, intrigues, investigations!

The other day I had to send a letter all over the company. I think that every admin was, is and will be at service idiots, placing cacti around the monitor and wearing “anti-computer glasses”.
For such individuals, a letter was written. The others just laughed.

The text of the letter under the cut.

Good morning% companyname%.

The other day, I again had to listen to another version of the eternal story that “a computer / printer / mouse / phone is a source of harmful radiation.” Like, a computer has hellish megahertz, a telephone is a radio wave transmitter , and a printer prints with harmful ozone. Either he breathes out ozone … or breathes in … what ozone is and why it is harmful, the speaker has not figured out.

With this letter I hope to close this topic once and for all

So, a little help for those interested in the topic:

An LCD monitor cannot actively emit anything except light, since it does not have the necessary conditions for other radiation. Older CRT monitors use a mechanism to target the phosphor with electrons using an electromagnetic trajectory control system. There – yes, a little phono. In an LCD monitor, each pixel is a microscopic controlled polarizing mirror, illuminated by either a thin fluorescent backlight lamp or LEDs behind a layer of liquid crystals. The system unit theoretically emits something, roughly like an anvil, but it is also iron, and the filling is low-power, so nothing goes beyond the iron box. Normal mice , which glow red from under their belly, use a simple 2-10mW LED. It’s not even close to a laser. The task of the diode is just to illuminate the space under the mouse. The laser mice use a 15-25nW laser LED. A safe power for short-term irradiation of the retina is 5 mW. This is 200 times more. In 10 seconds of looking at the sun through dense clouds, you will cause more damage to your eyes than if you carefully examine the diode of a switched-on mouse for about fifty years. A laser printer is called a laser printer, not because the hyperboloid of engineer Garin fries inside, but because a laser diode works there a little more powerful than in a mouse, which shines into a rotating mirror, which makes it possible for a light beam to pass along the entire photodrum. The diode blinks at high frequencies, the reflected beam illuminates the photodrum, the cells of which are electrified, to which the powder from the cartridge then sticks, which is then imprinted into the paper and fixed on it with a thermal roller. All the catastrophic static electricity was taken over by the paper. But she doesn’t care – she’s already dead. The maximum that can happen is that your trash can will come to life and remind you of the clearing of the Amazon jungle. A mobile phone is your worst enemy – its radiation is up to 1W at its peak (this is when you are talking on the phone from a well in a zone of poor reception). A typical electromagnetic background at rest is approximately zero milliwatts. 

Now let’s go through external threats:

Each head car of the metro has 4 electric motors with a capacity of 160 kW each. The metro tunnel is a reinforced concrete pipe, in fact – a waveguide. The train has 2 head carriages. 8 * 160 = 1.2 megawatts. Those. you get to work at Megavolnovka. Trams and trolleybuses : two of the same engines per car. Only there is no shielding tunnel. Tram and trolleybus wires are also aggressive emitters, although they look so peaceful … Have you ever walked under high-voltage lines? Did you hear them hum? These wires discuss with each other who irradiated you more powerfully and your likely life expectancy. By the way, when you look out of the train tunnel from the edge of the subway platform, you are standing half a meter above the contact rail, an arm thick. And it has 825 volts and 10 kiloamperes (exactly a hundred times less current is supplied to the electric chair, and, by the way, it is guaranteed to kill). An automobile generator , driven by a belt / chain connection to the engine crankshaft, generates current by rotating one iron thing inside another and also actively emits low-frequency radiation. By the way, about the “wave”. A home microwave oven has a power of only about 1 kW. And she fries so that the eggs then do not scrape off the walls. And after all, all these watts are imprinted into your pasta during the heating process! (my God, I doomed people to starvation). The amount of really harmful substances in the Moscow air rarely drops below a third of the maximum permissible concentration. And the term “maximum permissible concentration” is usually indicated for a time interval of 24 hours, and you breathe it constantly, for years. So I really hope that now you know exactly what you should be afraid of.

Conclusions for those who did not make their own:

Office equipment is safe. Onishchenko is not a complete parasite and really dangerous devices will not enter the market.
Therefore, if someone starts telling me again about the radiation of office equipment, or I find out that someone has started talking to someone about the radiation of office equipment, or someone starts to put humidifiers next to the printer (because the water does something with its radiation), sign the sign of the cross on the USB phone and expel the devil from the fan, then I will make it so that you will work on the accounts for the rest of the time. In case you are an honored hero of the company, maybe you will be provided with a mechanical adding machine … although no … there are moving metal parts … again interference, again radiation … and in the accounts there are dry pieces of wood along the metal axes … what to do, where to run … In short, the most smart ones will work on counting sticks, and reports will be done with charcoal on birch bark until they pass the USE at least 75 points in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Russian, computer science, and, separately, an OBZH exam. 

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