Sedative Meds

All about your health

Health – the state of any living organism, in which he as a whole and all his organs are able to fully perform their functions; absence of disease, illness (a detailed discussion of the definitions of health is given below). The sciences that study health include: dietology, pharmacology, biology, epidemiology, psychology (psychology of health, developmental psychology, experimental and clinical psychology, social psychology), psychophysiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology, psychohygiene, defectology and others.


Addiction (from the Greek.harkosis – numbness and mania – insanity) – a pronounced painful attraction and addiction to one or more narcotic substances, acting mainly on the nervous system and causing a person in small doses of euphoria – a false sense of “well-being”,…
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Most often, insomnia is expressed in the fact that a person cannot fall asleep or awakening occurs much earlier than usual, and sleep during the night is somewhat interrupted for a long time. In other cases, sleep may be prolonged, but not deep…
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With sleepy indroma

The deterioration of the nasal passages of different origin. Secondary factors are : – Obesity. – Alcohol consumption. Tobacco smoking. – Low lung capacity. – The use of a number of drugs, in particular, hypnotics and tranquilizers. Respiratory disorders in a dream are sometimes treated with…
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