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Health – the state of any living organism, in which he as a whole and all his organs are able to fully perform their functions; absence of disease, illness (a detailed discussion of the definitions of health is given below). The sciences that study health include: dietology, pharmacology, biology, epidemiology, psychology (psychology of health, developmental psychology, experimental and clinical psychology, social psychology), psychophysiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology, psychohygiene, defectology and others.


Dermoid cyst It occurs with violations of embryogenesis and contains elements of ectoderm. A round-shaped formation of various sizes, with clear boundaries, soft elastic consistency. Content – fat or jelly-like masses with an unpleasant odor, often containing hair. It is localized in various parts of the…
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Chemodectoma of the head and neck

Chemodectoma of the head and neck occupies a special place in the group of paraganglionic neoplasms. Allocate chemodectoma somnolence (carotid) glomus , chemodectoma vagus nerve and atypical chemodectoma.  Chemodectomas are more often observed in women aged 20-50 years, a familial predisposition to the development of a chemodectomy , especially carotid localization , is known . The tumor has…
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Neurinoma of the head and neck

Neurinoma of the head and neck ( schwannoma or neurolemma ) originates from the Schwann sheath of nerves. Macroscopically , it is a single, encapsulated, rounded tumor. In large neuromas, a mottled picture occurs due to hemorrhages, brown sections of xanthomatosis and cystic cavities. Neuromas located at the neck do not reach such…
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