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All about your health

Health – the state of any living organism, in which he as a whole and all his organs are able to fully perform their functions; absence of disease, illness (a detailed discussion of the definitions of health is given below). The sciences that study health include: dietology, pharmacology, biology, epidemiology, psychology (psychology of health, developmental psychology, experimental and clinical psychology, social psychology), psychophysiology, psychiatry, pediatrics, medical sociology and medical anthropology, psychohygiene, defectology and others.


While you sleep, extremely important processes take place in the body. Conservation of the brain: the cerebral cortex rests and recovers, ensuring complete safety of memory, the mind works as it should, and the body corrects the “breakdowns”, grows and…
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The basis of a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed, which is why it is disturbing that many people disregard mattresses. Now you will understand why this is important. No one reports that their shelf life is about to…
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