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Depression in men

Male depression is less common than depression in women, and yet it deserves attention. At the same time, the unwillingness to “demonstrate weakness ” makes it difficult for others to determine that the problem is present at all. Sometimes men themselves do not in…
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First aid for fainting

Loss of feelings more often occurs in people sitting, standing or walking. In lying people, this happens extremely rarely, and usually this is preceded by a strong heartbeat, a sharp deterioration in well-being, ringing in the ears, which are clear signs…
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When falling asleep throws out of sleep

Sleep is a vital basis for rest, especially for people with neuroses, phobias, vegetative-vascular dystonia and other CNS disorders. In the dormant state, vegetation is being repaired , the energy reserves of the whole organism are being restored , so that the next day starts fruitfully and vigorously. Unfortunately,…
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