Sedative Meds

Sedative Drugs

Sedatives are medicines that have a general calming effect on the central nervous system. Sedative (calming) effect is manifested in a decrease in the response to various external stimuli and a certain decrease in daily activity.

Sleep disturbance

Disturbances or sleep disorders are difficulties in waking or falling asleep. Sleep disorders have serious consequences for a person’s psychosomatic state. There are more than 80 sleep disorders. Insomnia (insomnia) – the most common of them. In a moderate form,…
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Symptoms of insomnia

The clinical signs of insomnia, depending on the time of their manifestation, are divided into groups: presumptive, intrasomal and post-somnolent disorders. Disorders before, after and during sleep can manifest separately and in combination. All 3 types of disorders are observed…
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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are a fairly common problem. 8-15% of the adult population of the entire globe make frequent complaints about poor sleep, and 9-11% use various sleeping pills. And this figure among the elderly is much higher. Sleep disorders occur…
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