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Causes of Insomnia in Men

Causes of insomnia in men can be very diverse – from pouring the day before to serious violations in the functioning of the body. Problems with sleep in men are found as often as in women, but they are of a different nature.

To understand whether you really have trouble sleeping, you need to find out what symptoms male insomnia has. Such a violation is characterized by the following manifestations:

difficult and prolonged sleep;
sensitivity and shallowness of sleep, interruption due to any external stimuli;
frequent night awakenings;
decrease in working capacity;
feeling tired and lethargic in the morning.
The presence of such persistent symptoms in men indicates insomnia. To get rid of the problem, you should find out what such violations may arise from.

The main factors of sleep disorders

All causes of insomnia in the male representatives of the specialists are conventionally divided into two groups – psychological and physiological. The first group consists of factors that are in no way associated with the physiological state of human health.

The second group – the causes due to certain physiological changes in the male body. These can be hormonal disorders or some diseases.

Experts call these possible causes of sleep disorders in the male:

stressful situations;
depressive states;
improper sleep hygiene;
alcohol and nicotine abuse;
drinking coffee or strong tea shortly before bedtime;
deep personal experiences;
long rest on the eve;
any diseases that disrupt the normal functioning of the body;
abrupt change of scenery;
overeating at night.
Often, the violation occurs on the background of diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, acid reflux, asthma, restless legs syndrome.

Important! Most often men over the age of 40 face the problem of insomnia. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the body, namely, a change in hormonal levels.

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