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Detailed methodology how to quickly fall asleep

In the evening, feeling tired and anticipating a sweet dream, you go to bed and … can not fall asleep. An hour passes, another in an attempt to fall asleep, someone will get up, eat or watch TV, and then the next attempt to fall asleep. Sleep turns out already in the morning, and you need to wake up early and do not want to work … Of course, they did not sleep, and the mood, to put it mildly, is bad. This situation is familiar to many – it’s insomnia.

To find out how quickly to fall asleep, or at least just fall asleep more quickly than you can fall asleep now, you need to understand the reasons for your insomnia. Ask yourself: Why can not I fall asleep? Analyze the state of your health, which can prevent you from falling asleep: pain, migraine, itching, nervous system disorders, chronic stress. If any of the above is observed, you need to see a doctor for examination and treatment. In this article, we will not discuss in detail the diseases that can cause insomnia, but let’s talk about psychomotor insomnia.

If you can not quickly fall asleep and various unnecessary thoughts come to your mind, if you are inclined to mentally analyze your day in bed and make plans, if your leg or eye twitches nervously, then a few simple tips will help you quickly fall asleep, sleep peacefully and sleep .

Everyone knows about the benefits of the sleep regime and the ritual of falling asleep, but few use it to fall asleep quickly. The regime is often not respected, but it is possible for any person to establish a certain ritual preparing for a sound peaceful sleep.

To quickly fall asleep, an hour before bedtime, it is desirable to take a warm shower (by no means hot, not cold and no contrast) or a bath, to put on a cozy robe, to air a bedroom. You can drink a cup of soft tea, you can not eat anything (at least an hour and a half before dinner). Too aggressive broadcasts on TV only prevent you from falling asleep, it’s better to stop watching TV and working with your computer before going to bed, you can read something. All these actions are aimed at the preliminary relaxation and calming of the nervous system.

The bed for sleep should be pleasant to you on temperature (if necessary iron iron), equal, that any discomfort did not prevent to you to fall asleep. Pillow – not too big and soft. You can make a pillow with herbal or buckwheat filler yourself or buy one. It will be faster to fall asleep if the room is dark, if the moonlight interferes – curtain the window. Heating batteries need to be hung with a wet towel to maintain the optimum humidity of the air, which makes it easier to breathe and, accordingly, easier to fall asleep. You can use the air humidifier before sleeping, for the time of sleep, it is better to switch off the appliance.

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