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Diseases of the eyelids are quite common. Eyelids, covering the front of the eye, protecting it from external actions are factors; e.g., age squinting reflex protects the eyes from foreign bodies, periodic blinking via constant tears contributes Nome wash with corneal and conjunctival fine grains. 

The peculiar structure of the eyelids determines the diversity of their pathology. Pathological changes may be age Symp volumes both local processes and manifestation zabole vany and damage other organs and tissues.

Distinguish pathology: 

  •                eyelid skin 
  •                edges of the eyelids 
  •                cartilage 
  •                cartilage glands of the century, 
  •                muscle and neurovascular apparatus.

Nurses and midwives ne diatricheskogo profile should also know about the anomalies of the eyelids, in connection with which children are often sent to the specialized agencies for emergency treatment.

When examining a child in a maternity hospital and with patronage at the site, the following anomalies can be identified : 

  • Cryptophthalmos – congenital hypoplasia eye Foot apple, eyelids, eye slit. 
  • Microblefaron – shortening of the eyelids, as a result of which it is impossible to close the palpebral fissure. 
  • Ankyloblepharon – partial or full CPA schenie century upper and lower skin in the form of plates. 
  • The eyelid coloboma is a defect in all tissues of the eyelid in the form of a triangular or rounded notch (usually on the upper eyelid). 
  • Volvulus century – turn ciliary edge of the eyeball, which is why at blinking eyelashes touch cerned vitsy and cause its inflammation. 
  • Inversion of the eyelid – the ciliary edge is turned towards the skin of the face, lacrimation is noted. 
  • Epicanthus – skin fold in the region inside him always two-way corner of the eye. 

The elimination of all these anomalies produced surgeons cal way.
When BLOAT century need surgical treatment or constant pulling the lower eyelid strip of adhesive tape attached to the skin of the cheeks so that the res -border edge facing away from the eyeball. This will prevent corneal injury and warned her PLAYBACK Lenie. Swelling of the eyelids may be non-inflammatory and inflammatory Foot nature.

NON-INFLAMMATORY Edema of the eyelids.

Occurs when Zabolev niyah cardiovascular system and kidneys. Its feature is the absence of redness of the eyelids. The skin of the eyelids is pale, painful, with severe swelling, tense. Edema is usually expressed in the morning, bilateral, often combined in such patients with edema on the legs. It should be remembered that the swelling of the eyelids may be a first symptom of present illness and the patient should be routed to meticulous Noe inspection to the art.

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