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Now that your journaling experience has been gained and your negative thoughts about sleep have weakened
to such an extent that they have become insignificant, we are confident that you will know how to control
part of our master plan. What is proposed in this chapter is:
well connection between the room, the bed and the bed. The main thing – think about the sleeping atmosphere, that is to say
before you go to work. If you suffer
serious sleep problems, this is the most important chapter. Receptions used thirty
many years ago, and when it comes to overcoming insomnia, elements of the CPT turn out to be
They could not be more useful.
In the fourth chapter, we touched on some damaging points
on the physical perception of the room and the bed (noise, too much light, inconvenience, etc.).
You should suggest where you sleep, but that’s not all. Some
of our recommendations can be a surprise, but for those who suffer from insomnia, this
key component of the process. However, if you consider that your sleep problems are not
so serious and the fact that you tried to apply, really helps,
keep up the good work. Just start with what we insist on below; it is
stage moved from the therapy, and proceed to it is necessary only if necessary.
The perception of your room and your bed depends on your sense of the environment.
atmosphere. If you are sleepy, associate them with sleep: as soon as you enter the room, immediately
the thought of sleep arises and drowsiness is felt. The same applies to the room you
very familiar. Enter the kitchen, think of food – and ask yourself: are not you hungry?
or can I limit the coffee? Walk around the office – and you, of course, will want
Tit thinks about the work you have to do. Take a stroll in the living room – and
curious to know if there is something interesting on TV. When you sleep badly, bedroom
associated with negativity and stress, you remember how you stay awake for hours.
A bed causes different types of negative connotations, for example, fatigue, dissatisfaction
stress, irritation, loneliness.
To fall asleep, you have to replace negative associations. If you read it before
of this moment, but the progress is not too big – it means that the time has come to move to a
nym shares.
Clear information
Consider: When you try this strategy for the first time,
to feel even more tired than before, so be
careful driving or machine work. If you have a dangerous job or
the service related to the care of others is best to avoid limited
sleep. It’s a tricky strategy, so if you have health problems,
consult a doctor first.
Limited sleep
It sounds awful – and it is so; In some ways, it’s not the most fascinating
naya strategy in our book, but it works. Restricted sleep involves interference
If the sleep mode has long been disturbed. It is meant for those who suffer.
severe insomnia. Although you may feel more tired than before, this
strategy improves the desire to sleep and puts the biological clock to the rhythm.
It is required only if sleep takes less than 85% of the time spent
near your bed.
You start a moderate sleep deprivation program. Seriously! Will be
only go to bed when you are sleepy, that is to say, no turns
from one side to the other, no unpleasant glare under the covers.
The goal is to stimulate him to sleep as soon as his head touches the pillow. It’s a car
dynally different from what you have already tried. Thanks to this strategy,
your sleep timer is running, that means you’ll fall asleep faster, less often wake up in the middle of the night
and sleep better.
When you limit the time spent in bed, the body “goes out” immediately
as soon as you have the opportunity, after which, you hope to sleep at night
The whole road. This will save you from anxiously waiting for your sleep and what you have prepared for the night;
it will be easier if you do something specific, responding to your sleep problems.
The bed will be a fabulous place and not scary. Do not be afraid – this technique helps
curl with enthusiasm.

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