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First aid for fainting

Loss of feelings more often occurs in people sitting, standing or walking. In lying people, this happens extremely rarely, and usually this is preceded by a strong heartbeat, a sharp deterioration in well-being, ringing in the ears, which are clear signs of serious problems in the body.

It is necessary to urgently call an ambulance, and raise the patient’s legs above the level of the head and free his body from squeezing clothes and bed linen – this will help improve blood circulation. You can also bring ammonia to your nose. You cannot lift a person and try to put him on his feet or give any medications before the doctor arrives.

Fainting is a sign of health problems. However, most people are not prone to fainting, even with chronic diseases. Therefore, loss of consciousness during sleep cannot be ignored, but complete diagnostics of the body cannot be performed.

Did you lose consciousness in a dream? In the real world, fall madly in love, get drunk, or be offended to the core. An experienced dream book will share his observations and tell you exactly why this is a dream.


With sinus tachycardia, the heart beats more than 100 beats per minute (in children, the pulse increases by 10% of the norm corresponding to age). The heart rate in this condition remains correct. The impulses that make the heart contract arise in the sinus node and, spreading to the entire organ, ensure the synchronous work of all its parts.

This condition can occur from time to time (situational sinus tachycardia) or have a prolonged form. As a rule, the attack develops slowly.

Usually, with pathological sinus tachycardia, the heart beats up to 130 times at rest and up to 150-160 beats per minute during exercise. In professional athletes, the heart rate can go up to 240 times in 60 seconds.

The reasons that cause sinus tachycardia are similar: heart and lung diseases, infections, hypoxia, poisoning of the body with poisons, hormonal imbalance, the effect of drugs.

Sometimes this problem occurs in people with an unstable psyche, suffering from neuroses, depression and psychosis. The heart rate becomes faster during pregnancy.


Therapy for rapid heartbeat is impossible without establishing its root cause. It is necessary to cure the disease that causes this condition and get rid of bad habits (smoking and drinking alcohol).

The following measures will help you forget about this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • refusal from drinks containing a large amount of caffeine (strong tea, coffee, coca-cola, energy drinks);
  • a reduction in the daily diet of spicy foods and chocolate;
  • avoidance of mental overload, stress;
  • switching to fractional meals 4-6 times a day;
  • limiting fat on the menu to 40-50 grams per day;
  • you need to take at least 8 hours to sleep.

An attack of nocturnal tachycardia often occurs in people who have the habit of eating before bedtime, so you need to eat a few hours before a night’s rest and avoid overeating.

To strengthen the heart, it is useful to eat foods containing magnesium and potassium, drink rosehip decoctions, consume bran, walnuts and almonds, honey, fresh fruits and berries.

Daily evening walks at a calm pace, the duration of which should be 30-40 minutes, can have a healing effect. With paroxysmal tachycardia, it is recommended to massage the eyeballs.

Folk remedies

A good effect is given by special breathing exercises that quickly bring the heart rate back to normal. For the treatment of tachycardia in young people, you can use freshly squeezed carrot, lemon or cranberry juices mixed with a small amount of vodka.

For older people, traditional medicine prescribes the use of infusions of hawthorn, hops, motherwort and other medicinal plants.

Signs of a rapid heartbeat

Patients usually describe a heartbeat as follows: the heart beats loudly and hard in the chest, twitches, jumps out of the chest, or flutters. Palpitations at night may be accompanied by a throbbing sensation in the temples, neck, fingertips, or epigastric region.

It may also be accompanied by tinnitus, pain in the heart, difficulty breathing, or a feeling of tightness in the chest. These symptoms may indicate a heart condition. But such complaints in most cases do not lead to the identification of serious violations in the work of the heart.

It is important to distinguish palpitations from tachycardia, which is a significant increase in heart rate. The pulse of an adult is 60-80 beats per minute at rest. Tachycardia is diagnosed when more than 90 beats per minute are recorded. But at the same time, a person may not feel a rapid heartbeat.

Shock or joy?

Had a dream that some incident brought you to a swoon? The interpretation of the dream is the opposite: something incredibly joyful and pleasant will happen in reality. But sometimes a sudden blackout symbolizes a strong emotional shock from a loved one.

Why is a woman dreaming that she decided to “lose consciousness” in order to check the man’s reaction? It is good to see that the character reacted immediately in the dream. The dream interpretation guarantees a happy union. If you are confused, or even escaped altogether, then get ready to part.

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