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How does testosterone affect sleep quality?

The main hormone in the body of a man is testosterone. It depends not only on the ability to conceive a child, but also the whole activity of the organism. Usually, after 30 years of age, testosterone production begins to decline gradually, and closer to the age of 40, many men have a very low level of this hormone.

Lack of testosterone inevitably causes a reduction in the long sleep phase, without which it becomes impossible to have a good rest. The effect of testosterone on the duration and quality of sleep has made significant changes in the treatment of insomnia in the male.

Improper sleep hygiene

Sleep disturbance may also be caused by the fact that the room reserved for night rest does not meet the standards of hygiene. Improper hygiene consists of the following factors: high or low air temperature in the room, not comfortable for sleeping;

bright lighting;
lack of sleep and wakefulness;
too dry air;
uncomfortable mattress, pillow or bed;
tight or synthetic underwear;
external sound stimuli.
All these factors often cause insomnia, difficult and prolonged sleep and frequent awakenings at night. Treatment in this case is not required, it is enough to create comfortable conditions for sleep.

Overeating and sleep disorders

The habit of overeating for the night adversely affects the well-being of a person and the work of the whole organism. Falling asleep with a full stomach always goes pretty hard. Abdominal discomfort prevents a person from falling asleep.

There is a separate category of products that have an invigorating effect on the body. To avoid difficulties with going to bed, you should abandon the use of coffee, strong tea, dark chocolate, energy drinks, alcohol at night. Such products have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

If the cause of insomnia is overeating at night, a man will be disturbed by such phenomena:

sensitiveness and shallowness of sleep;
frequent awakenings;
difficulty in taking a comfortable posture;
feeling of pain or heaviness in the abdomen.

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