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Most often, insomnia is expressed in the fact that a person cannot fall asleep or awakening occurs much earlier than usual, and sleep during the night is somewhat interrupted for a long time. In other cases, sleep may be prolonged, but not deep enough. Causes. The causes of insomnia can be various. Occasionally, it can also be in a healthy person, since overwork, excitement, mental excitement, irritation (for example, light from an darkened lamp, unfinished window) interfere with the occurrence of inhibition in the cerebral cortex, which is the basis of sleep. In nervous people, with increased excitability of the nervous system, any excitement, even for an insignificant reason, stressful situations in the family or at work disturb sleep. People who constantly think about their problems, analyze what is happening, have difficulty falling asleep. Insomnia is observed in all kinds of general diseases, accompanied by fever, circulatory disorder (in heart patients), in respiratory diseases with coughing and shortness of breath, in many psychoses ( e.g. with delirium tremens), in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also with neurosis, constant stress, depression and other diseases of the nervous system ( eg , with encephalitis, cerebrovascular accident , etc.). Often sleep is disturbed in certain types of work (night shift) Clinic. Everyone has a different need for sleep. Someone needs an 8-hour sleep, for someone it is enough to sleep for 5-6 hours. Insomnia can be prolonged, debilitating; Moreover, if a person falls asleep, then the dream remains shallow, with vivid dreams, sometimes of a nightmare character. Such a dream does not refresh. During the day, the sufferer of insomnia constantly tends to sleep, but at night he cannot fall asleep, or, dozing off, immediately wakes up. The lack of proper sleep leads to constant poor health, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, nervousness, inattention, and a decrease in body resistance, and also negatively affects the appearance. Such people have a haggard appearance, their complexion is pale, with an unhealthy shade, dark circles appear under the eyes, their eyes are dull.

TREATMENT OF insomnia.

The treatment for insomnia depends on the causes that caused it. In healthy people, sleep is restored after some time without the use of drugs. In people with increased excitability of the nervous system, rest, walks, baths give good results.
With insomnia associated with various common diseases, it is necessary first of all to treat the underlying disease.


  • You should not eat food just before bedtime, as well as drink strong coffee and tea. 
  • The bed should be comfortable, comfortable. 
  • It is necessary to eliminate external irritants. 
  • The room before going to bed needs to be ventilated, fresh air helps to fall asleep easier.
  • It helps to fall asleep a glass of boiled milk, preferably with honey. You can drink a glass of yogurt, matsuni , green tea.

You can apply:

  • Homeopathic remedies;
  • Reflexotherapy (acupuncture, acupressure); 
  • Psychotherapy.

With prolonged insomnia, consult a doctor. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe sedatives and sleeping pills. 

Medicines used for insomnia.

Soothing remedies:

  • Bromine preparations: Sodium bromide, Carbromal (adaline), enhancing the inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex;   
  • Valerian Root, Motherwort Grass, Lemon Melissa, Corvalol ;
  • Sedatives:
    1) Consists of 1 part of the root and rhizome of Valerian , 2 parts of Mint and Shamrock leaves 1 part of Hops. 2) Consists of 1 part of the root and rhizome of Valerian, 1 part of Motherwort, 1 part of chopped Hawthorn fruit. 1 tbsp . the mixture is insisted for 45 minutes in 2 cups boiling water, filter. They drink ½ cup 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening as a sedative for nervous agitation, insomnia, and neurosis.     

Sleeping pills.

  • Barbiturates: Barbital (veronal) barbamyl ( amobarbital sodium) etaminal sodium ( Nembutal ), phenobarbital (Luminal), 
  • Eunoktin ( Nitrozepam , Sonipam , Radedorm ), Melaxen , Trypsidan ;   
  • Ambien , Roserem ( Ramelteon ) – a new generation drug, Sonnat ( Zopisklon ) – a new generation drug , Zolpidem ( Sanval ), Zaleplon .    

Hypnotics are prescribed for severe symptoms of insomnia . But many of them are addictive, other side effects and they can not be taken for a long time. 

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