Sedative Meds

Light against darkness

The light triggers a physical reaction to everything, so it is imperative that the bedroom be dark. In the dark, the brain produces more melatonin, causing a sleepy state.
By the light, melatonin production is reduced – and we do not feel tired. You can manipulate the level of illumination to deceive your body by instilling it that night has come, while the sun actually shines — and vice versa, which is vital for those who work in shifts and for those who live in countries where most of the day is either light or dark.

Artificial light has a different wavelength, characteristic of a particular color, but most electronic devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and energy-saving lamps emit blue waves, which are attention! – especially harmful at night. The blue color spurs attention, speeds up the reaction, and also boosts the mood, which is great if you want to feel invigorated – but terrible if you want to fall asleep. Any light stops melatonin secretion, but blue is the most dangerous criminal. This means that alarms and nightlights with lamps emitting blue light will not let you fall asleep, and using a telephone and a computer in bed guarantees both physical and mental stimulation.

The waves of red light more than others contribute to the feeling of natural light, so try to screw in red lamps wherever possible. Night lights with small low-power bulbs perfectly create a calm mood before going to bed.

Reconcile with darkness
Replace conventional switches with ones that regulate the intensity of light, and before going to bed, dim the lights. Bright light retards the release of melatonin, while the muffled brain adjusts in such a way that it seems as if it is dark outside, so it’s time to prepare the body for sleep.

  • Buy an alarm with a red light, or one that goes out after you set the time. You can even purchase watches that begin to glow, creating the impression that the light is a pleasant and more natural way to wake up.
  • Stop – at least an hour before bedtime – look at electronic devices (computer or phone) that emit blue light; in this case, melatonin secretion will naturally begin.
  • Spend on blinds or curtains so that the room is completely darkened, or to save money, buy black paper or a card and stick it on the windows.
  • Buy a mask for the eyes so that the light does not interfere with sleep.
  • During the day, go out into the fresh air, or at least open the curtains. Natural lighting stimulates the production of the well-being hormone – serotonin: you will feel better and you will forget about fatigue. It will also start the daily timer – that is, when it gets dark, you will naturally want to sleep.

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