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M yslennye error insomnia

  1.    There is nothing worse than insomnia. It will ruin my future and my life for the first children for nothing.

We sometimes spend a sleepless night reading a book, playing cards or visiting, but we do not consider it a disaster and the next day we can feel and work reasonably well enough.At the same time, the night spent trying to sleep, we perceive as something terrible. Thus, it is important not so much the absence of night sleep, as our attitude to this.

  1.    If I can not sleep, you just have to try hard.

There is nothing worse than constant vain attempts to fall asleep. Here you can bring the results of one experiment conducted in America in the 60s. At 100 subjects on the first night, they recorded the time during which they fell asleep. Before the second night, they were told that they would be given $ 100 to those who fall asleep faster than the previous night. And what would you think? The average time of sleep increased 3 times !!!. Only 2 out of 100 people fell asleep faster. This is where the attempts to fall asleep lead. If they are repeated constantly, then the person forms a stable conditioned reflex of fear of not falling asleep. This is usually manifested in the fact that a person may very much want to sleep, but only falls into his own bed — sleep takes off his hand.

  1.    The longer I lie in bed, the more I will be able to sleep and the better my health will be.

What happens if instead of 8 hours of sleep you need for your brain, you will be in bed for 10 hours? After some time, the 8-hour sleep will be distributed for 10 hours. This will make it difficult to fall asleep, in addition, you will wake up many times during the night. And most importantly – the dream will be very shallow. All the same, as if the same amount of water spread over a larger surface, covering it poorly. During sleep the body surface of the recovery is not complete, and in the morning you were strewed about the prospect tired and sluggish.

Naturally, you will think that you are not sleeping enough, and you will try to sleep even more. As a result, the dream will become less deep, you’ll wake up more often, and in the morning feels about himself Vat unrefreshed. A vicious circle. The longer you are in bed, the worse your sleep and the greater the threat of developing serious insomnia. Thus, one of the basic rules of the treatment of insomnia is to reduce the time, ie not held you in bed.

If insomnia is caused by the development of a persistent conditioned reflex, fear of falling asleep, then behavioral therapy programs for insomnia can be applied.

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