Sedative Meds


Description: perennial herb with woody rhizome. Stem erect, 50–200 cm tall, green or red-violet. The leaves are ovate. The flowers are arranged in verticils in the upper part of the stem in the leaf axils. The corolla is light red, 9 mm long.

Raw materials: ground blooming part. The main action: soothing and anticonvulsant, as well as

Method of application: 2 tsp. crushed raw material pour 200 ml of cold water and incubate for 8 hours (cold extraction). The resulting solution is taken throughout the day. According to another recipe 2 tbsp. l crushed raw materials insist 2 hours in 500 ml of boiling water. Drink a glass of wine 4 times a day before meals.

Dream-grass (Heller’s chamber)

Description: perennial herb with a short rhizome. Elevated stems 3–12 cm, in fruiting extended up to 45 cm. Radical leaves are dissected into 7–9 lobules. Flowers solitary, large, size 5-8 cm. Perianth simple, bell-shaped, upright, with petals of dark or light purple color. It blooms in May and June.

Raw materials: the aerial part of the plant.

The main action: soothing, analgesic and overwhelming sexual desire. Even Hippocrates used sleep-grass for the treatment of patients with hysteria, in violation of the menstrual cycle, sexual over-stimulation. Sleep-grass acts as an anesthetic and sedative.

Method of application: in the form of alcoholic tincture of fresh raw materials (20%), 20-40 drops per day.

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