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Neurontin (Gabapentin) is a drug?

Gabapentin treat those drugs which cause psychophysiological dependence, but many think that Gabapentin – drug.

Among experts there is an opinion on danger of medicine – it can cause acute manifestation of a depression and influence emergence of suicide thoughts. In the official instruction all possible risks therefore independently do not recommend to use drug are described.

The danger of use of medicine consists in the probability of manifestation of an abstinence syndrome. It says about its strong action and negative impact on a human body. It is necessary to remember that the competent and experienced doctor has to appoint any medicine which part is gabapentin.

In the world Gabapentin use as street drug under a nickname of “Gabbi” or Johnny. As a rule, abuse of this means is followed by unlimited consumption of alcohol and other illegal substances, including opioid. Nevertheless, Gabapentin in itself is not considered drug as does not influence strongly mood. However according to messages of addicts, it increases euphoria of drugs. The facts of abuses are observed in places of confinement, also such practice exists in shelters.

Gabapentin was found about 50 years ago in Japan which initially looked for an antispasmodic muscle relaxant means. Later it was sold to Parke-Davis corporation which revealed Gabapentin’s effects at patients epileptics. During initial clinical trials Gabapentin was appointed in small amounts therefore he was used as an additional method. In other words, the patient was given at first other anticonvulsant pill, and soon added Gabapentin. In the ninetieth he was approved in America and in England for treatment of epilepsy, and at the beginning of two-thousand – for fight against post-herpetic neuralgia (a frequent complication of a Herpes viruses infection). A few years ago in the USA released also prolonged version of means (TM “Gralise”) from post-herpetic neuralgia.

In the book Gyotshe P. “Deadly drugs and organized crime: As the big pharma corrupted health care” (“Deadly medicines and organized crime. How big pharma has corrupted healthcare”) are given the following facts. At the beginning of the 2000th sales volumes the Neurontin (under such name was issued and now drug is produced) were billions of dollars. At the same time 9 of 10 sales were “off-label”, that is not to destination. The Pfizer company was forced to pay 430 million dollars of penalties in connection with fraudulent advertising of a product according to indications, uncoordinated to the regulator. The civil damage was paid to the federal government for the sum of 83.6 million US dollars, and the damage paid to states was 106.4 mln. dollars of the USA.

However penalties did not become the constraining circumstance for further illegal advance of drug in the country. The producer traced physicians who often wrote out means and made them speakers or the advising persons and also paid the generous fees for involvement of patients in clinical experiments. Besides, at specialists “borrowed” their regalia for use in materials of shadow authorship where it was said that the anticonvulsant works also according to unofficial indications.

Gabapentin without appointment of the attending physician or without observance of its exact recommendations can lead use to sharp deterioration in your health. You seek to use this or that drug only after consultation with the specialist. In case of detection of side effects immediately stop drug intake and ask for the qualified help.

Independent treatment by Gabapentin is fraught with serious violations of the state of health. The doctor can appoint medicine only, previously having studied a case history of the patient.

In most cases comments on Gabapentin from physicians positive, but sometimes their patients nevertheless complain of an aggravation of symptoms right after the end of administration of drug. It is a so-called withdrawal which has an effect drowsiness, apathy, irritability, sensitivity, tendency to suicide thoughts. For this reason doctors recommend to reduce a dose of active ingredient gradually, and after the full termination of a course of Gabapentin appoint antidepressants.

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