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No restless soul

No restless soul

We know that they would cope with the fact that they would not be negative – whether it is a sad event in life or the wrong atmosphere of the bedroom. But we hope that when the problems disappear, the regime will return to normal. When the dream begins to deteriorate, attention may become distracted from the initial problem — and focus on it; even when work is left behind, problems with sleep, alas, do not disappear.
Anxious thoughts dominate the mind, which causes a feeling of dissatisfaction – and prevents sleep.

If you do not sleep well or suffer from insomnia, your life prospects are very different from the carefree dormice. You not only worry about the dream, but also try to anticipate and control it, make plans – in a word, make it the center of both day and night life. Negative thoughts tint black all around: bedroom, bed, evening, morning, work, lower your self-confidence, etc. For example: “If I were not so (oh) tired (oh)” or “I would I could do it if I could (sleep). ”

Constant thoughts about sleep exacerbate the situation even more. You continually “rebuke” what you should not think at all: assess whether you have slept enough, cope with your daily duties, and you are puzzled about how you will sleep in the future. Also, focus on the symptoms associated with sleep loss, such as fatigue, irritability, and bad mood. The body reacts accordingly, begins to worry – and you are not sleeping again. There is exactly what you feared.

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