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If we want to get a beautiful figure, we will inevitably have to learn how to eat right. Eat as often as possible 5-7-12 times a day. Little by little and balanced.

“Gluttony days” – Research has shown that exceptions only prove the rules. Choose 1 day per week. On this day everything is possible! Such a day will be a positive shake-up for the body, will help psychologically survive the next week of restrictions and will give a greater end result. Fats. Fats or fatty acids are divided into 3 types: Mono- and Polyunsaturated (hydrogen) these are vegetable oils and fish oil. Not only they themselves are well absorbed, but also contribute to the absorption of vitamins. Directly involved in hormonal metabolism and immune processes. Saturated (hydrogenated) is coconut oil, chocolate, butter, animal fats. They are raw materials for the production of testosterone, but in excess quantities block insulin receptors, reducing the rate of muscle growth. Trans fats (homogenized) – obtained from vegetable by hydrolysis (saturation with hydrogen). In its pure form, it is a disgusting-smelling white greasy mass; flavored with flavors and additives – margarine. This type of fat hardly spoils and is therefore eagerly used in the confectionery industry and food chains. At the same time, it is poorly absorbed, easily deposited under the skin, provoking cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Carbohydrates From now on there are “fast” and “slow” carbohydrates for you. “Fast” carbohydrates are those that are digested quickly. These are all foods containing a lot of sugar, glucose and fructose. Grapes, buns, sweet bars. Eat about 80g immediately after training (within 30 minutes) this will trigger the secretion of insulin and this transport hormone will supply the depleted muscles with sugar. “Slow” carbohydrates – digested over time. These are buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, durum wheat pasta, whole grain bread, fibrous vegetables and fruits. They should become essential in your diet. It is very good to take about 40g 30-45 minutes before training to maintain strength. 

Proteins We grow muscles, and muscles are made of protein. The ideal food would be chicken breasts, followed by beef steaks and other meats. We limit the amount of fat in meat, so a chunk is always preferable to minced meat, especially prepared minced meat from cooking. None of us can be sure of its composition, especially in the composition of sausages, sausages and wieners. But this is perhaps a different topic. Grilled meat contains less fat than pan-fried meat. I’ll leave the protein shakes for the amateurs. Shaking and drinking is easier than chopping and cooking. But no one guarantees digestibility and the absence of flatulence. Fiber Fiber brings nothing to the body; on the contrary, it is a universal purifier. It, like a cleaning brush, removes carcinogens and pesticides from the body. However, do not get carried away with the consumption of fiber, in excess amounts (30 grams per day), it begins to remove hormones that are useful to us. Vitamins and trace elements. The drug and nutritional supplements industry is the second most profitable industry after drugs. And, where business comes first, health issues are lost in the fog. I strongly advise you not to get carried away with powders and pills. Moreover, all my life experience suggests that one and the same thing can be bought in different packages, and for very, very different money. For myself, I made the following list: “Undevit” – a set of multivitamins “Complivit – Magnesium” a set of vitamins and minerals Fish oil “Amber Drop” in capsules, so as not to sip from a spoon. Water Be sure to drink clean water, especially while exercising. Dehydration (dehydration) – a lack of water in the body reduces muscle strength by 10-15%. In hot weather, it is acceptable to drink up to 4 liters per day. I have genetically increased acidity, so I prefer slightly mineralized (like “Novoterskaya”), it neutralizes the acid in the stomach, saturates the body with mineral salts and dulls the feeling of hunger. Milk Highly recommended, especially steamed. Store-bought, of course, is an order of magnitude less effective, but it also copes well with dehydration, and together with cocoa and cornflakes, it is an excellent means of recovery after exercise. Milk with freshly squeezed carrot juice will be offered to you in most sports bars for very little money. Personally, I discovered the beauty of milk during the heat wave in Moscow. At this time, it is good to drink it diluting 1/3 with mineral water or green tea. Coffee and green tea are the most readily available “fat burners” for you. Caffeine releases fat molecules and sends them through the bloodstream, while catechins from tea block enzymes that limit this process. 

All that remains is to put the fat into work and prevent it from settling in the body again. But, for heaven’s sake, don’t overdo it. Garlic and paprika – These condiments are slightly fat burning. Alcohol I have specially highlighted this point. Alcohol is a poison, and like most poisons, it is used, in small doses, as a medicine. Your body produces ethyl alcohol on its own to relieve muscle pain. Alcohol is a drug, and like any drug it knows how to wait. He will wait for your will to weaken from fatigue, or bad news, or simply give in to tradition. There will be no “cubes” on your stomach if you cannot give up alcohol. A bottle of beer in the evening and the whole dinner will go into the layers under your skin. The more you swing, the faster your body is cleansed, the stronger your will, the easier it is to defeat attraction. My toughest rule of thumb is not to drink at all on training day! Further, we reduce the dose. Opened a bottle of beer – pour it homemade or save half for later. Let’s agree. You will have “gluttonous days”. You can afford to drink, at first, only once a week, but ideally, no more than 2 times a month. No need to “tie” forever. Only stand for today. Tell yourself, “I don’t drink today.”  

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