Sedative Meds

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What makes us sleep?

Our sleep is regulated by two processes together: ♦ sleep homeostat, which controls the impulse to sleep; ♦ circadian (daily) timer that controls sleep time. Homeostat sleep: the word “homeostat” is derived from the Greek words “homeo” – “permanent”, and…
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Insomnia results

The results of regular insomnia can be disastrous. It affects thinking and behavior, emotional and physical well-being. Negative feelings and behavior are not limited to the night time of the day, but manifest themselves in everyday life: you are worried…
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While you sleep, extremely important processes take place in the body. Conservation of the brain: the cerebral cortex rests and recovers, ensuring complete safety of memory, the mind works as it should, and the body corrects the “breakdowns”, grows and…
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