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These conjunctival Vita characterized by purulent conjunctival cavity.The most common are: staphylococcal,  pneumococcal conjunctivitis,  acute epidemic conjunctivitis (Koch- Wicks conjunctivitis ),  gonoblenorrhea and diphtheria of the eye (diphtheria conjunctivitis) are less common .    Staphylococcal conjunctivitis. As a rule, it has an acute onset and is characterized by severe hyperemia of…
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Acute infectious conjunctivitis, viral and bacterial, have many common symptoms. Such conjunctivitis is contagious . Acute conjunctivitis begins first in one eye, and soon in the other.Patients complain of a feeling of clogging (“sand”), burning or itching in the eye, its redness, lacrimation or mucopurulent discharge…
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Blepharospasm – spasm of the circular muscle of the eye; typically observed in diseases and injuries of the cornea, a certain toryh neurological diseases (as teak). They treat the underlying disease.  LAGOFTALM. Lagophthalmos – incomplete closure of the eyelids (the so-called hare eye) – happens with…
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This is an acute purulent inflammation volo syanogo bag or sebaceous gland at the root of the lashes. The disease is most often caused by staphylococci.  In a limited area near the edge of the eyelid appears flushing of a painful swelling. Inflammatory infilt rat rather quickly increases, accompanied…
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It develops most often after infect bathrooms injuries century or local purulent inflammations (The ball Men, boils, ulcerative blepharitis). Inflammation can occur metastatically with septic foci in other organs. An abscess develops acutely with increasing spilled compaction of the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelid. Eternally edematous, skin tense,…
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ALLERGIC Edema of the eyelids.

The disease manifests itself in the form of Quincke’s edema.Its symptoms: sudden appearance and the same sudden disappearance. Often, edema appears in one eye, swelling mainly the upper eyelid. Edema occurs in persons with allergies to foods (eggs, chocolate, zem lyanika, fish, citrus fruits),…
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