Sedative Meds

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Restless legs syndrome

A similar disorder is restless legs syndrome. In this case, people complain of unpleasant, sometimes obscure feelings of discomfort, tingling, “crawling goose bumps” in the legs, which resulted in an overwhelming desire to move them. Such sensations are called dysesthesia . More often they appear…
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With sleepy indroma

The deterioration of the nasal passages of different origin. Secondary factors are : – Obesity. – Alcohol consumption. Tobacco smoking. – Low lung capacity. – The use of a number of drugs, in particular, hypnotics and tranquilizers. Respiratory disorders in a dream are sometimes treated with…
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Butting and swinging

Parents are concerned that some children behave peculiarly at any time of the night. They begin to “butt” head cushions or headboard. Sometimes, relying on their hands, children rhythmically swing back and forth, instead of sleeping at night. These phenomena are common in…
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