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About booze

If we consider from the point of view of medicine, binge drinking is the result of a strong intoxication of prolonged use, when alcohol is consumed continuously, and the body cannot, without outside help, enter a normal state of sobriety.…
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To give up smoking

Let’s look at such a delicate topic as quitting smoking and changes in the body. Let’s define the cons. Refusal from the last smoked cigarette can provoke a feeling of hunger, in addition, the level of sugar in the body decreases and quitting…
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Beer alcoholism

What kind of beer alcoholism is this, which is more and more heard in our time? Yes, many have heard, and therefore it requires careful and careful consideration. A refreshing, low-alcohol drink, which is consumed with great pleasure in hot weather,…
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An IT specialist’s dream come true: play and lose weight

Sedentary work, sedentary entertainment, a dislike of physical activity and an addiction to various types of snacks: this is the recipe for gaining excess weight and the road to obesity. But scientists from the University of Exeter (UK) decided to use computer addiction for good . The results of the experiment, published in the magazine Appetite , are encouraging –…
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Eat and lose weight: scientists have discovered which proteins are responsible for metabolism

Scientists from the Institute for Age Research . Leibniz (Germany) discovered the mechanism by which the mTORC1 protein complex controls metabolism in the mammalian body. It controls the transfer of hereditary information from genes to mRNA (gene expression), to proteins of the C / EBPβ group . Removing a short variant of these proteins from mice resulted in them…
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