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Periodic movement of the limbs in a dream

Insomnia due to periodic limb movements in sleep occurs because the hands, and most often the legs, involuntarily twitch or shudder every 20-40 seconds. Movement usually lasts from 0.5 to 5 seconds. They often occur in the thumb, ankle, knee, less often – in the thigh. These conditions cause awakening, lack of sleep and daytime sleepiness.

Periodic movements of limbs during sleep may be associated with diabetes, anemia, uremia, chronic kidney disease, leukemia, arthritis. In this case, the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease helps to get rid of involuntary movements, improve sleep and well-being during wakefulness.

Among those suffering from insomnia, the prevalence of this condition is not higher than in people who do not have it. But people with periodic limb movements in sleep sleep at night for an hour less. Patients have drowsiness during the day, it is difficult for them to fall asleep at night, because as soon as they relax to fall asleep, the legs begin to move, disturbing sleep. Such people complain of very cold feet and restless sleep.

The reason for the periodic movements of the limbs in a dream is not known. There is an assumption that they are associated with or with the peculiarities of the brain, or with circulatory disorders of the spinal cord. These conditions are cured with the help of various medicines, which are selected individually by the doctor. Sometimes you have to try different types of treatment to choose the one that best suits you. These are some types of painkillers, sleeping pills, or drugs used in Parkinson’s disease. All of these drugs affect the central nervous system and therefore have serious side effects.

Signs of periodic limb movements in a dream are as follows: – Twitching of the legs every 20-40 seconds. – Their duration is 0.5-5 seconds. Complaints made by patients:

– insomnia; – sleepiness during the day; – restless condition of the legs; – cold or very warm feet; – discomfort in the legs.

Periodic movements of the limbs in a dream are observed in 5% of the adult population from 30 to 50 years old and in 29% of people over 50 years old. If such conditions interfere with sleep and are the cause of feeling unwell during the day, they require diagnostics, proper assessment and treatment.

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