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Pneumococcal acute conjunctival vit.

Called by pneumococcus. Starting conjunctival vit acute first one and then the other eye; at the same time, swelling of the eyelids and pinpoint hemorrhages on the conjunctiva of the sclera are noted. On mucosa age image are whitish-gray film, which are easily removed with a damp cotton wool. After their removal exposes loosened naya conjunctival tissue, but it does not bleed in Otley Chiyo diphtheria eyes. Often in the process involves cerned Vitsa. Mostly children fall ill, and in children’s groups the disease can be epidemic. To establish a diagnosis of bacteriological necessarily based surveys smear of conjunctival sac.

Emergency assistance predoctor including The chaet isolation of the patient collective furatsilina rinsing solution (1: 5000), instillation into conjunctival Shaft 30% solution bag sulfatsil -sodium, direction Leniye to the optometrist. 

Nursing produced by general pra forks care for patients with acute infectious kon yunktivitami. 

The treatment consists of: 

  • from frequent eye washings with 2% boric acid solution, 
  • topical sulfa nilamidnyh drugs and antibiotics in combination with for kapyvaniem 0.25% solution of zinc sulfate and 0.1% sol ra epinephrine hydrochloride.     

Prevention is carried out according to the general rules for the prevention of acute infectious conjunctivitis. 

Acute epidemic conjunctivitis or Koch- Wicks conjunctivitis . 

It is caused by Koch – Wicks bacterium and is easily transmitted from the patient to a healthy person. Transmission is through the patient’s hands, contaminated by secretions from the eyes, or through objects infected with the causative agent of conjunctivitis. Pe renoschikami diseases can be insects, mainly flies.  

This epidemic conjunctivitis called because in countries with a hot climate it can affect pain Chiyah masses of people, causing an epidemic of conjunctivitis. In our country, pinkeye, you are binding bacterium Koha- Weeks , met in the past the main way in the Central Asian republics. Currently, there it occurs in isolated cases. Children Stra give the disease more often than adults.

Conjunctivitis begins with redness of the conjunctiva of the eyelids, which quickly spreads to the conjunctiva of the eyeball. At the same time, cutting pains and a sensation of foreign bodies appear over the centuries. From the first days of the disease, the mucous discharge in the conjunctival sac becomes more and more and it acquires the character of a purulent discharge.

A very peculiar sign of this disease is the presence of small hemorrhages in the conjunctiva of the eyeball, swelling of the conjunctiva. Within the open canthus and thickened otech Nye scleral conjunctiva as two looks pale gray triangular islands facing to the base limb. Severe conjunctival edema is observed in the region of the lower transitional fold. Often there is significant swelling of the eyelids.

General phenomena are quite natural malaise, fever, runny nose, headache. The disease is especially violent in children, in whom the cornea is often involved in the process, where superficial infiltrates are formed. In these cases, the disease is accompanied by a pronounced photophobia, blepharospasm and lacrimation with purulent discharge.  

The disease lasts about a month, but ra tional and prompt treatment can significantly reduce the duration of illness. In contrast, untimely Noah or improper treatment can lead to the propagation roubleshooting inflammation of the cornea, after Corollary then on it may remain blurred, reducing visual acuity.

Emergency First aid for Includes: 

  • in washing the eyes of the patient with a solution of furatsilina 1: 5000 or rivanol 1: 1000,
  • instillation of a 30% solution sulfatsil -sodium direction and the eye of the patient to the sheet,
  • application of 1% solution of lincomycin hydrochloride, etc.).

Toilet antiseptics and eye drops instillation pro lead every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

  • Concurrently Menno instilled into the conjunctival sac 30% solution sulfatsil -sodium, lay antibiotic ointment (1% tetracycline, 1% eritromitsinovaya , 0.5% neomycin ointment).
    Treatment usually takes about 2 weeks and its goal is to obtain a complete and stable reverse development of all symptoms of conjunctivitis. Repeated clinical and laboratory monitoring of the contents of the conjunctival sac is desirable.

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