Sedative Meds

Preparation for sleep

Lie on the bed on your back, hands along the trunk, legs straight (not crossed). Take a few deep breaths. Stretch your whole body and arms and legs in turn, bend your back, bend and straighten your hands, try to specifically poke. This is needed to enrich the blood with oxygen and better supply the blood-enriched muscles and brain. Do the stretching until it turns out to yawn naturally, without tension.

We continue trying to sleep, lying on your back, relax your hands, imagine that your hands are getting warmer, heavier, the heat moves up to your shoulders. Relax your legs, imagine that your legs are heavy, that you are lying barefoot on warm sand, relax your whole body. If at the same time thoughts continue to swirl in your head, buzz yourself to any sound that is convenient for you.

After 10-15 minutes from the beginning of falling asleep there will be a desire to take a more comfortable position, to roll over. Do this only when you are completely relaxed and ready to fall asleep.

During the day, you can practice in relaxation and auto-training. Accurate execution of this technique allows you to quickly fall asleep, even with a strong and often recurring insomnia.

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