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Quarantine. What to do in the free time?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the question of how to survive self-isolation and quarantine is increasingly being asked. Residents of cities that are affected by the disease are recommended, and people over 65 are completely prohibited from spending time in crowded places and, if possible, staying at home. After arriving from abroad, they are required to stay at home for two weeks, and many companies have already transferred employees to a remote mode of work. Actually, this raises the question: what to do in the free time? 

Several ideas for useful and fun activities in quarantine

Take care of the wardrobe

Another useful and not requiring investment activity, for which you can spend long hours, is wardrobe analysis. Perhaps it’s time to finally sew on the missing buttons and make other minor repairs that you can handle yourself. 

Learn a set of home exercises

Diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle have long been called an invisible epidemic – and although walking ten thousand steps around the apartment is unlikely to work, you can still try not to lie down and not sit. Put one of the home workout apps on your phone and try different exercises from YouTube every day.

Analyze spending

No matter how much you earn, the lack of a system and the habit of wisely managing your finances can sooner or later play a cruel joke with you. If your financial discipline is not yet very good, we suggest spending your free hours at home on your future well-being. You can start by keeping track of spending for the last months or weeks (“where did half of your salary go?”), Setting up auto payments for monthly spending, opening a smart account for savings, or setting a pleasant goal (for example, saving for a vacation). The main thing is to be realistic and then not deviate from the chosen course.

Create or update a resume

When was the last time you updated your resume or portfolio? If you have been working in one place for several years, most likely for a long time. Having a ready-made, up-to-date resume is always useful, even if you are not going to change jobs right now: what if you come across a dream job with a large salary or a great internship very soon? Remember that a resume should first and foremost show how you can benefit a potential employer.

Read shelved books or online articles

Surely you have paper books that you bought, but did not read – we suggest not buying a new fashion novel, but doing what you already have. The same is with the articles on the internet that we put off in the hope of reading sometime later. Once you’re locked up at home, you can take care of them.

Go through the first aid kit

Another thing that never gets around to. Disassemble medicines, getting rid of expired ones. Carefully lay out or arrange the desired preparations; dispose of any pills or any other remedies for which you are not clear about the purpose. And, of course, put aside what you have dismantled where children cannot reach.

Try meditation

Quarantine can be a good opportunity to shut up and start meditating. You can do it on your own or with a guided meditation app.

See in the recording of a movie, concert or performance

Disassemble the folders in the computer, there will probably be a couple of good films or performances that you once postponed for later, but never watched. Right now!

Sleep off

Using quarantine to get up later and go to bed early is not the only way to deal with your evening boredom, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding. Taking a nap for an hour in the afternoon is also an option; you will have a good rest in two weeks.

All of the above are just options and small tips for the brain to start working in this direction. Quarantine does not mean that you need to sit still and do nothing; if you wish, you can come up with other options in order to keep yourself occupied. Good health!

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