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Practice relaxation at least twice a day, for ten minutes. One time – when not trying to sleep; in this way, you will really master this strategy and be able to “blow off steam”; and once – to really calm down before going to bed.

Find a quiet secluded place where no one will distract you – and turn off the phone. It’s impossible to relax if the annoying phone beeps every two minutes.

Take a comfortable posture so that the whole body, including the head, is leaning on something; For example, lie on the floor, on the sofa or on the bed. If you can not lie down, sit on a comfortable chair. (If, lying on the floor, you can allow yourself to fall asleep, put a pillow under your knees for additional support.)

Remove tight clothing and get rid of all accessories: watches, glasses, jewelry and contact lenses. From everything that could move and distract you.

For ten minutes, allow yourself to ignore any irritation. This technique must precede everything else. Calm the brain, which will be able to panic again after the end of the exercise – you just postpone your anxiety for later, rather than dismiss them. The success of relaxation depends on your concentration and determination to achieve a result.

Do not try to control the body – come what may. Get free from all anxiety and don’t judge whether you are doing the right thing. The point is to relax. If you think, “Well, well, this is not fatal,” then do not relax. Believe me, the training will work only if you want it.

Consider recording the instructions on how to do the exercises on a tape, then you can just listen and not try to remember.

And finally, be patient. Relaxation does not occur by itself: people prone to stress and anxiety should learn this. The more you train, the easier it will be.
Deep breathing
Concentration on breathing is a great way to focus on the present moment – no matter what is on your mind. She will allow to slow down – both physically and mentally. And the best thing you can do, wherever you are, do the five-step exercise.

  • Put your hand on your stomach. Relaxing your shoulders, take a slow and deep breath through your nose. Inhaling the air, push the belly forward and feel the palm rise.
  • Hold your breath for two seconds.
  • Slowly exhale through the mouth, feeling the belly fall. Exhaling the air, slightly squeeze the lips, while the jaws should be relaxed. Exhaling, hear a quiet “whistling” sound.
  • Having exhaled, smile. A smile actually makes you feel good: think about something or someone you love or just smile for no reason.
  • Repeat the exercise for a few minutes until you calm down.

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