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The evening calm mode (an important role is played here by relaxation or self-awareness) will allow better control of the situation. You create a model that the body recognizes and instinctively begins to prepare for sleep.

Sedation mode
Come up with a daily hourly preparation for bedtime. Brainstorm and do what you like and free your mind from stress. The following are some examples that can be used:

♦ Reading.
It doesn’t matter if you love dark, bloody stories or vulgar love novels; Reading gives a break to the brain, freeing it from obsessive anxieties, and does not allow to do many things at the same time. Beat the alarm, if you suddenly realize that you have read the chapter without remembering a single word from it, it is impossible to concentrate if you are thinking about something else. Also stop reading in bed. If you suffer from insomnia, the bed should only be perceived as a place to sleep and sex. Read elsewhere; then, diving under a blanket, the body and the mind will associate this process with sleep.

♦ Take a bath.
Bath is a wonderful way to relax. There is something hedonistic in that you take the time to just calm down. In addition, when you step into a hot bath, your body temperature drops – the same physical reaction that occurs during sleep. As a result, you feel tired.

♦ Aromatherapy.
Some essential oils promote relaxation (chamomile, lavender, bergamot, jasmine, rose and sandalwood). Add a few drops of essential oil to the bath and sprinkle a pillow on them.

♦ Massage.
Ask your partner (shu) to massage your shoulders or back lightly.
♦ Try yoga and meditation. Find a tutorial or DVD and try.

♦ Make a playlist.
Choose tunes that you think are relaxing rather than exciting you.

♦ Drink warm milk.
Studies have shown that warm milk reminds us of childhood and leads to sleep. However, even if you did not drink milk in childhood, it contains tryptophan, provoking a feeling of fatigue.

♦ Snack.
As we said in the previous chapter, if you freeze the worm an hour before bedtime, it stimulates the secretion of tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin.

♦ Watch TV.
Try to watch the program, which ends at a reasonable time – and be strict with yourself, turning off the TV after it ends. If you are going to go to bed at 11 o’clock, do not start watching the thriller at 10. You will not fall asleep, as you will be over-excited. (Especially exciting luxury sex, but in the morning you are unlikely to thank yourself for the multiseries marathon.)

Make it a rule not to do anything late in the evening that could arouse: do not swear on the phone with your partner, do not take on a new work project (start it in the morning). Make sure that before you relax you have completed the main chores. It makes no sense to experience blissful relaxation – and start scrubbing floors.

The mode of tranquility should include at least one relaxation technique or self-awareness technique discussed at the beginning of this chapter. Here is an example:

Hour mode of calm (with the goal of going to bed at 22.30)
♦ 21. 30 Half an hour watching a favorite comedy series
♦ 22.00 Starting to fill the bath
♦ 22.00–22.10 I muffle the light and practice relaxation – I train visual fantasy
♦ 22.10 Immerse yourself in a warm bath
♦ 22.00–22.30 I drink something warm (herbal tea or, in the old manner, warm milk)

Your own mode may include what you like – and continue as long as you want. Although we recommend the hour mode of sedation, but we understand that this is not always feasible. However, when you are trying to deal with your sleep mode, the main thing is to make sure that you can give yourself at least a little time before the end. If you go to the bar every night, come home at half past twelve, then over the next two weeks just spend a little time for relaxation. Or, if you have a family that you need to take care of, tell your relatives that you are taking a time out and ask them not to disturb. Take a relaxation or for fifteen minutes, read a book – anything, just to consciously switch. Spending time yourself, you change your attitude to sleep.


♦ Relaxation training requires training, but it will change your life.
♦ Mandatory mode of tranquility mentally and physically prepares you for sleep.
♦ If you strictly ensure that you allocate time for yourself before a curb, it will pay off with a sound sleep.

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