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Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disease, manifested by unpleasant sensations in the lower limbs and their excessive motor activity, mainly at rest or during sleep.The main manifestations of the disease are as follows.

  1. Unpleasant sensations in the legs. Usually, they are described as pins and needles, trembling, tingling, burning, etc. on dergivanie, stirring beneath the skin, and so on.. Sometimes a person is difficult to accurately describe the x and rakter feelings, but they are always extremely unpleasant. These sensations occur in the hips, legs, feet and amplify waves every 5 – 30 seconds e Kund.
  2. Worse at rest. Most hara to turn and unusual manifestation of the disease is to strengthen unpleasant OJJJ in scheny s and the need to move the legs at rest. The deterioration is usually observed in the sitting position or lying down, and especially in falling asleep and research institutes.
  3. Improved while driving. A symptom of, we significantly weaken or disappear when driving. The best effect has ordinary walking more often or just a hundred I set.
  4. Connection with the time of day. The symptom of the matic increases significantly in the evening and in the first half of the night (between 18 o’clock in the evening and 4 o’clock in the morning). P e ed dawn symptoms subside and m of gut disappear at all in the first half of the day.
  5. Movement of limbs in a dream. During sleep, marked periodic involuntary movements of the lower limbs in every 5 – 40 th Kund.
  6. The disease often accompanying etsya and insomnia. Patients complain of problems with falling asleep and restless sleep at night with frequent awakenings. Chronic insomnia can lead to severe daytime sleepiness and other problems associated with a long e Hard Of Sleep Niemi.

In cases of suspected restless legs syndrome, a consultation with a neurologist is indicated. Currently, there are effective medical treatments for this disease.

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