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Secrets of female beauty

Which woman does not dream of knowing all the secrets of beauty and youth? An adult woman does not have time to grow out of a little girl, but she already looks at her favorite artists, and as she gets older, she applies on herself all the methods of rejuvenation that are possible and available. Yes, all women want to be beautiful and attractive!

Women’s secrets of beauty and health

The charm, beauty and grace of Cleopatra are legendary! Someone claims that she was beautiful by nature, others believe that on the contrary, she was too far from perfect. In fact, there are no comrades in taste and color! beauty is individual. But what they say about Cleopatra to this day makes us take a closer look at her. 

The books write that the queen loved herself so much that she devoted all her attention to caring for her body . She had skin that was amazingly firm and scent, and luxurious hair flowed over her shoulders. Cleopatra, with the skill of a predator, using her seductive charms, easily mastered men.   

The main beauty secrets from Cleopatra

The main secret was Cleopatra’s use of special milk baths. These treatments included warm water, almond oil, and milk. As you can see, any woman can afford it and it is not at all expensive. 20 minutes of free time and the skin of any woman will become unrecognizable, even after the very first procedure.

How it’s done? It is enough to fill the home bath with warm water, add 1 liter. warmed milk, a glass of honey diluted in water and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. 

But, this is not all. Before you take a bath, you need to make a sea ​​salt scrub by rubbing the body with it with honey. The skin should soften, and then in the bathroom it will be saturated with all the vitamins, oils and moisture it needs.

Cleopatra also paid a lot of attention to her face, making special masks from honey, natural clay and donkey milk. Today, such milk can be replaced with cow’s milk, and by mixing it with honey, applied daily to the face, you can achieve amazing results.

Nutrition Secrets for Female Beauty

The preservation of beauty for many years is facilitated by proper nutrition. All important products should be present in the food, then creams and masks may not be required. A balanced diet is very important for beauty, and the daily diet should contain sea and river fish, cottage cheese , vegetables, cheese, ripe berries and fresh fruits, as well as all products containing vitamins of groups A, B, C, D. 

It is better to eat properly not in large portions and four to five times a day, in no case, not overeating.

Simple beauty secrets

The simplest secrets of female beauty are healthy sleep in a ventilated area, mandatory rest after work, frequent walks in the fresh air, active and healthy lifestyle.

Smoking and alcohol are always excluded from life! Morning exercises, going to the gym, fresh air are welcome. These body movements will make the skin elastic, the body will become healthy, and any woman will be beautiful!

Be healthy, beautiful and wonderful!

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