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After a long winter and endless days with thorny snow, spring has returned. And with her arrival, it is better to revise not only your wardrobe, but also your daily skin care.

If the cosmetics do not cope and the skin condition is unsatisfactory, do not experiment, make an appointment with a dermatologist and do a study that will help identify the hidden causes of poor skin condition.

5 steps to beauty

1. Purification

After winter, the skin looks dull. Use exfoliators to add natural radiance . Their action is aimed at removing dead skin cells of the epidermis and cleansing the pores. For dry skin, the ideal option is peeling with “soft” synthetic particles, they do not have sharp edges, which means that the risk of injury to the skin is minimal. For owners of oily or mixed skin types, products based on fruit acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, etc.) are suitable. Salicylic acid products will help to even out the tone, get rid of acne marks , and visually reduce pores.

2. Moisturizing

Adequate moisture helps maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Skin with reduced barrier functions becomes dry, irritated and prone to inflammation.

When choosing a product, pay attention to its texture. It should be light – fluid, emulsion – what you need. Look for moisturizing ingredients in the composition: ceramides , NMF factor, borage seed oil, hyaluronic acid.

In the spring-summer period, it is better to refuse cosmetics with petroleum jelly, waxes, oils (shea, jojoba , mango), mineral oils, since these substances have gummy properties and lead to pore clogging.

3. UV protection

Use a sunscreen for your face even in the city. Instead of a beach cream, you can use the so-called “veils” or “screens” for urban conditions. You can find them in the luxury care lines. Also, many drugstore brands produce creams with already “built-in” SPF filters. Dermatologists recommend using UVA / UVB-labeled creams that simultaneously protect against both A and B rays. Protecting your skin from the negative effects of UV light is the first step in preventing skin cancer.

4. A serving of antioxidants

Include serums with antioxidants in your treatment – they reduce the effects of oxidative stress and resist early aging, protecting cells from UV damage, and relieving irritation. Components such as vitamin C, E, polyphenols of green tea, red grapes, Baikal skullcap , and blueberry extract have powerful antioxidant properties .

5. Against pigmentation

In order not to provoke the appearance of new age spots, refuse salon chemical peels . After them, the skin becomes more sensitive to ultraviolet light. It is also worth using with caution whitening creams and serums, products with retinol and essential oils, including hydrolates (flower waters) popular today based on orange, lemon, tangerine, rosemary, cumin. Essential oils also increase the skin’s sensitization to sunlight.

What to do if there are problems with the skin?

The basis of skin beauty is its health. Inflammation and irritation, increased dryness and / or regularly appearing acne – the reason for this condition can be a lack of vitamins and minerals, iron deficiency anemia, high glucose levels, an infection, for example, fungal.

In order to exclude the cause and select effective cosmetic and therapeutic agents, as well as (if necessary) medications to improve the condition of the skin, it is recommended to perform a profile in CITILAB. It includes the main parameters by which the doctor will assess the condition of not only the skin, but also the hair and nails! 

Always be beautiful!

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