Sedative Meds

Sleep and its meaning.

On average, one third of one’s life, ie, about 24 years old, sleeps or at least tries to do it. If the body spends so much time on such “inaction,” then it is important for him.
Indeed, sleep is vital, especially for the immune and nervous system. Sleep is needed, first of all, so that the body and brain rest and recover. Obviously, periodically disconnecting from communication with the outside world, our brain retains information more firmly and constructively digests it. That’s why daily 2-3 hours a day during the week significantly reduces the attention, memory and mood of a typical adult person.

It is proved that sleep is the only really rejuvenating remedy. Much suggests that it is the quality of sleep that best correlates with the duration of our lives. A good dream in this sense is more important than all other indicators of good health, including physical fitness and the absence of bad habits such as smoking. Normal weight, smoking cessation and moderate alcohol consumption are also good for health, but still less so. Perhaps to not get sick and live for a long time, the main thing is to get enough sleep.

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