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For a long time, while I was in school, I was constantly tormented by the thought that, although I was getting enough sleep, I got up painfully and did not want anything in the morning. Deep in my heart I knew that it could be different, but how to make you literally jump out of bed in the morning and go to turn up the mountains? I began to understand everything, and that’s what came of it.
I must say right away that I do not pretend to be something revolutionary. Here are simply collected all those tips that help me, but given the similarity of the biological species, they should help you too =)
So, let’s go. 

A bit of theory

Human sleep, as you know, consists of 2 types: deep and fast. And they have a certain order, which looks something like this:

1) ventilate the room before bed

I agree, it’s banal, but very effective. Having fresh air in the room is very helpful for our brains to rest properly. 

2. Save yourself from temperature changes

It often happened that to comply with point one, I just opened the window and then forgot to close it. And it usually gets colder at night than during the day. The result is that you don’t get enough sleep and in the morning you just can’t get out from under the covers. 

3. Calm exercise or a walk before bed 

By quiet exercise, I mean light stretching or breathing exercises. This improves the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Walk is the same – movement + breathing. 

4. Do not overeat!

Also a hackneyed fact, but again, very important. Stuffing your stomach before bed does not lead to anything good. You need to eat well 3-4 hours before bedtime. Drink a lot too. A budelbrod and a medium cup of tea is possible, but obviously not worth more. Take pity on your body, it also wants to sleep, and not to process your food. 

5. Nice pillow and bed 

Yes Yes Yes! A very important thing. Have you ever woken up with an ache in your body and neck (not taking into account the load before sleep)? That’s why you need to be smart about the choice of furniture and bed linen. It is difficult to give specific advice here, the main thing is that it is convenient. I use a medium firm mattress and a pillow like this:

As you can see, there are promos , when we ourselves almost, almost wake up. During this period, it is desirable that someone woke us up. But that’s okay, general information. 

6. Lavender oil

For those who do not fall asleep well, lavender oil will help. How to use: buy at the nearest pharmacy, open the bottle and breathe a little in pairs (a minute is enough for me), and then anoint it on whiskey. You fall asleep instantly. 

7. Gadgets

I must say right away : nirazu is not advertising. I just share my joy. On Habré once I slipped article about clock Sleeptracker . So, everything is correctly described there. True, I use it only for the second week, but there is no limit to joy. They do their job at 100. You no longer need to calculate with a piece of paper how much to set this damn alarm clock. And they wake up so tenderly that not every girl can do that =) 

8. Wake up!

This is no longer a dream, but a good one will do too. As soon as you wake up, sit upright, inhale deeply and hold your breath. It is necessary to detain as long as possible, until you simply can no longer endure. After that, instantly wake up and move. I took this technique from Buteyko’s breathing techniques.

That seems to be all, if you have something to add, then please in the comments .

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