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Welcome to the sleep log! You will have to fill it every week while fighting insomnia. This is very simple – some of the countries we have suggested tags, which will be discussed later, are based on information collected bit by bit from such magazines. Let it become part of the usual morning classes – the efforts you are making now will bear fruit later.
First of all, you need to know, not guess how long you have slept lately. After a week you will be able to determine which nights you slept better and which ones worse – and try to understand what caused the problems: for example, did you read official e-mail at night or did you drink alcohol late at night? In a week you will be able to formulate the problem: you want to fall asleep, you want to sleep at night without waking up, or both. For example, we took one column for Monday; You can continue the table by adding the remaining days of the week.

When the week ends, appreciate what you have learned. Have you been surprised by any results? Maybe you thought that the biggest problem was the impossibility of falling asleep, but in fact you felt the worst after waking up six times in a night. Or, suppose it seemed that you wake up more often at night, but in fact you slept for four hours.
Confirming or disproving your assumptions is the key to changing the conceptualization of sleep. Of course, you were not fit for anything, having slept only four hours, but, perhaps, then you worked quite well all week and made up for lost time.

Determine the average duration of your sleep per night (divide by seven the total number of hours of sleep); this is the initial level that we are going to raise.

♦ Sleep is not subject to any golden rule – all people are different!
♦ You can train to “sleep better” – just as they train to play better tennis.
♦ The sleep log should confirm or refute the assumptions about how much time you actually sleep. This will prepare for positive change.

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