Sedative Meds

Study of sleep peptides

Thus, as a result of the study, “Sleep peptides” out of chaos against a subject of controversy and disparate data begin to emerge the contours of complex, multi-tier system of biochemical regulation of sleep. Action DSIP analogues of the peptide on sleep is soft, modulating the nature and fundamentally about the b time is different from the effect of “hypnotic” drugs that are still made on the basis of substances alien to our org and closers (barbiturates, benzodiazepines, tsiklopirrolony). Therefore, the creation of a new class of hypnotic drugs – analogues of the DSIP peptide – is very promising.

Such drugs are structurally similar to our prop t -governmental regulator of sleep, friendly and efficient; they will have n e seasoned properties, for example to promote rapid fall asleep or nightly awakening eliminate unwanted and m. p. introduces such Ave e Paratov will most likely by instillation into the nose. The need for beneath b GOVERNMENTAL drugs is extremely high. It should be noted that the study of the effects of various substances on the sleep of experimental animals is a very laborious and painstaking matter. Not surprisingly, the work of this B domain till recently moved rather slowly. However, Mr and worthwhile time of application of computer technology has dramatically short and tit tedious routine work. We managed to develop and create a paragraph and ket programs to carry out all the stages in automatic or n of luavtomaticheskom mode on a personal computer equipped with a certain of torymi additional devices.

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