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Tuberculosis-allergic ( scrofulous ) keratitis

The disease usually occurs in children, less often it occurs in young men, and almost never occurs in adults. The basis of this disease in the vast majority of cases is the increased sensitivity of the cornea due to tuberculous intoxication. Tubercular process mo Jette be anywhere in the body, but usually it takes place secretly. In the origin of such keratitis play a role and other factors: helminthic infestations, vitamin deficiencies, etc. 

The disease begins with a sensation of pain in the eye, photophobia. Soon there lacrimation and reddening of the eyes in the form pericorneal injection. Character nym symptom-tuberculous allergic keratitis is the formation of nodules of gray, which are located at the edge of the cornea and rise above its top NOSTA. These nodules with a size of 1-2 mm are called conflicts . In this regard, keratitis is often called conflictenulose .  

With this disease, there is a sharp photophobia, which is so pronounced that the child’s eyelids are convulsively compressed. Trying to hide from the light, the children hide their faces in the pillow. Blepharospasm, excessive slezote chenie lead to maceration and swelling of the eyelids. Nose and lips also swell. Cracks in the corners of the mouth may appear. Due sve toboyazni for examination of children is necessary to resort to the help of vekopodemnikov . Another feature is unevenly keratitis dimension injection eyeball: redness originated is in circumferential phlyctenas .
Sometimes there are tuberculous allergic Kera Tita differing development of so -called countries stvuyuschih phlyctenas . In these cases, the conflict appears to move along the cornea, and a bundle of superficial vessels stretches behind it. After resorption or degradation flick spots on the cornea surface remains cloudy. Under adverse conditions tuberkulezno- allergenic – sky keratitis often recurs.

Emergency First aid for Includes: 

  • instillation in 1-2 drops of 1%, 2%, 5% sus Penzov hydrocortisone 1% solution of atropine sulfate
  • investing 2% of a yellow mercury ointment. Patient directed lyayut to the optometrist.

Treatment of tuberculosis-allergic keratitis should be comprehensive, including local and general effects. Treatment is carried out in contact with a TB specialist. Now at TB dispensaries operate opticians who are watching for a long time and organize the treatment of patients with all odds Mami tubercular eye disease. 

  • For treatment with changing antituberculosis chemotherapy: ftivazid , isoniazid ( tubazid ), sodium paraaminosalitsilat (PAS), and antibiotics (streptomycin). Streptomycin is especially effective in fresh exudative processes.
  • Orally administered as calcium gluconate, 5 -10% tensile thief calcium chloride.
  • Topically applied 2.5% sodium paraaminosalitsilata (PAS-sodium), 5% solution salyuzid , 1% solution of quinine hydrochloride Gidrokor Tyson, dexamethasone drops and under the conjunctiva.
  • When in the attraction process in the iris and ciliary body The necessity mo apply mydriatics , suckable infil waste – 1-8% solution ethylmorphine hydrochloride (dio nin). Apply 1%, 2% yellow mercury ointment.
  • Treatment should be organized against the background of the right of dietary food.
  • Good result gives irradiation of quartz lamp.
  • Useful climatotherapy, sourly own therapy.

Nursing , except you control space filled with doctor’s appointments, also includes monitoring of compliance with the rules of hygiene, dietetics. In a diet, carbohydrates and spicy foods should be limited, it should be rich in proteins, fats and vitamins. It is necessary to ensure that potatoes, jelly, sweets, gingerbread, herring, and canned food are completely excluded from food. It is necessary to limit the use of eggs, oranges and club nicknames. Children should walk more, but sun exposure should be limited. All patients suffer greatly from photophobia, so they are advised to wear smoked glasses. 

Prevention of tuberculous allergic ke ratitov includes early detection and proper treatment of children with tuberculous intoxication, treatment diathesis – worming patients, sanitation foci of infection taking good care of children.   

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