Sedative Meds

Wave your hand to sleep

Remember the shirt with the inscription “never give up” in which
have you been sleeping? You are probably already tired of our chatter about how it is impossible to force yourself
sleep, but this is the root of sleep problems. The only way to make a difference
stop making every effort to physically force yourself to sleep;
Soon the body will no longer suffer from anxiety due to possible failure. For this you need
be deceived by believing that you do not care whether you are asleep or not. Yes, paradoxically,
The official name of this strategy is: “Therapy with a paradoxical intention.”
It is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and, as research has shown
, achieves the result – due to the fact that eliminates all worries about sleep. Necessary,
so that you begin to perceive the time spent in bed without sleep, as useful for relaxing
tations and calm. Tell yourself you will fall asleep when you are ready, then you don’t have to
rape the body and mind, making them more susceptible to sleep. Don’t bake like that
about it.

This contradicts everything that, in your opinion, was correct, but since it is
about sleep, the best thing you can do is not to worry about it. Do not push yourself and fall asleep!
Mantra “I do not care about sleep”
Make a list of statements to convince yourself that insomnia is not the end.
Sveta. Write them in a notebook so that you can always look into it if you start.
worry about this topic. We offer options from which to start:

  • I can feel quite normal after sleeping a little.
  • In the end, I always fall asleep.
  • Morning feeling does not determine how my day will be.
  • Scattered, but sound sleep is better than long and continuous.
  • It is necessary to make up only a third of the time that I am not sleeping; I can fill it in a few months.
  • My body is designed in such a way that it can cope with insomnia.
  • You need a realistic approach to sleep and not succumb to anxiety.

Blocking thoughts

It’s really hard to think about two things at the same time (contrary to what they preach
some clever men); at that moment the blocking of thoughts takes effect. If the alarm does not
let go and you feel lonely (oops), try closing your eyes, slowly repeat
profusely speak any word devoid of any emotional connotations
(for example, “this” or “one”). Keep doing this for three or five minutes –
until the anxiety gets into the dusty corner of consciousness. This is similar to how you
trying to focus on something, and the friend is all nonsense; as soon as you
listen to what he says, immediately forget what you think. Concentrate
roaming on the chosen word, you will calm down – and supposedly in a bitter struggle you will return to yourself
mind control.

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