Sedative Meds

What should I drink to sleep?

In many areas, medicine has progressed incredibly far, and many of my loved ones would not be alive now if they had not been given prompt and competent medical assistance in time. However, the more doctors know about treating dangerous diseases, the stronger our belief is that they can eliminate any problem we face in life. We often think that there is a cure for every disease. But the fact is that in most cases, not “physical” causes cause insomnia. This means that going to a doctor with insomnia is the same as having a broken heart. In both cases, the pills are unlikely to be effective!

Going to a doctor with insomnia is as meaningless as turning to him with a broken heart.
I believe that doctors in the UK, Europe, America, and the West in general, do not always realize the importance of faith in the case of insomnia. Of course, the existence of the placebo effect has long been proven, but when it comes to insomnia, positive thinking alone is not enough for recovery. Sleep is something so fragile and incomprehensible that faith really affects the ability or inability to fall asleep. When treating insomnia, it is important to convince a person that he can sleep. Therefore, when I see a doctor prescribing sleeping pills for treating insomnia, I immediately understand that he does not know the features of this disease.
I am absolutely sure that it is impossible to cure insomnia with pills.

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