Sedative Meds

What you need to do in order to “disconnect”

One of the common symptoms of insomnia is the inability to “turn off
Chitsya. ” Often after a busy day at work, you don’t have enough time to think about
trifles, of which, in fact, life consists: about bills, purchases, minor repairs
with their hands, on vacation or a visit to the doctor. All these tasks are relegated to the background, and
then, as soon as you fall into bed, they attack your poor head. You also experience
the need to analyze the day lived and think about what awaits tomorrow. These thoughts
able to excite you and put you in a depressed emotional state
Property dissatisfaction and anxiety. You look for problems and try to solve them – and
at this time a dream, sneaking, leaves your bedroom forever.
To stop this, you need to establish boundaries – and not violate them. Having mastered some
some simple stress management strategies, you learn to switch off easily, that is,
calm mode is not in vain.

Temporary disconnection from social networks

Pay attention to how much time you spend online. Very easy
reach out to the phone when bored. Stop! Disconnect for a while from social
networks and do not allow yourself to check all updates in a row (comments from friends about
your favorite TV shows are not essential). It will probably surprise you how often you
grab the phone without even thinking about it. When you think about what you want
say and what impression you want to make on people, then you put pressure on your
consciousness and body. An hour without communication in the morning and a few hours in the evening (in addition to the calm mode
will give you the necessary breathing space. Hide the phone where you can not physically
to reach out with your hand – for example, put in another room and forget for a while
about him.

Time to think

Your mind – just like the body – is getting used to a particular regime. If you always
thought about the day lived and evaluated him, lying in bed, then involuntarily started to do
it whenever it was possible to lie down. To change this style, set aside time for
reflections before going to bed. It is very important to reflect on what happened, about your
feelings and thoughts. Thus, you can look at the situation from a different angle –
wider and with greater clarity. In essence, you tidy up your own head, giving yourself
a chance to solve problems and move on. Allocating for this time during the day, and not
at night, you concentrate more, tire less – and do not allow yourself to break
sleeping mode.
Sit about fifteen minutes somewhere aside (in the late afternoon or in the initial
Stage Your Sleep Regime), focus, thinking about what is usually
thought at night. Make a list of urgent matters, ranking them in order of priority
nosti. Try to cross out individual items after they are completed in order to feel
motivation Also, mark the three items already completed or describe what
happened and how you felt about it. Plan in your diary or in your phone
the time interval to give it an “official” character; so you quickly accept
pull him out.
Looking at these records, you will be able to step back and allow yourself to sort them out.
lyticically, not emotionally. Than avoid thoughts about difficulties, it is better to approach them
constructively, calm down and stop worrying.

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