Sedative Meds

With sleepy indroma

The deterioration of the nasal passages of different origin. Secondary factors are : – Obesity. – Alcohol consumption.

Tobacco smoking. – Low lung capacity. – The use of a number of drugs, in particular, hypnotics and tranquilizers.

Respiratory disorders in a dream are sometimes treated with medication. Some remedies that are used for depression are respiratory stimulants and increase muscle tone. In addition, these drugs reduce the rapid phase of sleep, in which apnea appears. However, these funds should be taken by special prescription to avoid side effects.

In central sleep apnea, specialists try to eliminate the underlying causes, such as heart or neurological diseases. For the treatment and prevention of attacks of dyspnea in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory disorder of central origin, and as a result, sleep apnea, using theophylline ( aminophylline , ventaks ). In the case of central apnea, self-help techniques are unsuccessful.

For instrumental treatment of snoring used dental devices, giving access to air or devices with a mask. A comfortable mask is worn on the nose and connected to the apparatus with a hose, which supplies air to the airways under pressure. Positive air pressure plays the role of a tire that keeps the airway open overnight. Apply and forced breathing air enriched with oxygen, which leads to improved quality of sleep and life of patients.

Other treatments include an increase in the lumen of the respiratory tract by tightening weak muscles, removing excess tissue and shortening the uvula. These operations are performed by otolaryngologists by special surgical techniques. Recently, methods of surgical correction of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are used more and more often with good results.

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