We truly believe that any customer’s remark or recommendation should be duly noted and accepted in order to have better services and improve our skills. That is why this page is here for you. In case of any doubts, questions, or recommendations, please contact us.

There are several ways how to contact us. First, there is a simple field below any visitor of the website may use. Enter your name, email address and a question in the field. Make sure to describe your problem with all details, so that our friendly customer support could give a full and complete reply.


Put your question at any time as our customer support is available 24 hours. Any customer request will be processed within 24 hours. A reply will be sent by email (make sure to indicate correct email address).

By the way, the second way to contact us is by email. A customer will receive our email with notifications about the order status, shipment period, and other order details after placing the order. These emails also contain our contact us information. It is possible to use email (indicated there) for urgent questions.

Due to our communication with customers, we have managed to create open, clear, intuitive platform with affordable prices. We are open to your ideas and comments.

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