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Depression in men

Male depression is less common than depression in women, and yet it deserves attention. At the same time, the unwillingness to “demonstrate weakness ” makes it difficult for others to determine that the problem is present at all. Sometimes men themselves do not in any way associate such emotional manifestations as irritability, aggression, depression with the concept of depression. And even more so, physical manifestations are not correlated with it, and after all, depression demonstrates symptoms not only psychological and can easily cause headaches, sudden weight gain or problems with erection. 

The complexity of male depression lies not only in its problematic definition, even by psychologists and doctors, but also in ways of solving it. Most men in such periods seek salvation alone, isolation, even from loved ones. Often this is mixed with the abuse of alcohol and even narcotic substances, which is not an option, but on the contrary leads a person even more into the jungle of negativity. But, it would seem, a logical option – a psychologist who will help to cope with this condition, many men reject, unreasonably fearing that this could damage his reputation. 

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