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The surest way to avoid a hangover

Have dinner

The surest way to avoid a hangover is not to drink , but this advice doesn’t sound very convincing on New Year’s Eve. Many people know from their own bitter experience how to relieve the torment when it has already come. Some people benefit from sound sleep and a healthy breakfast, others rely on herbal teas and fresh air, while others have to drink pain relievers (we advise you to be careful with this). But it is always better to prevent than to deal with the consequences, because if you have already decided to drink, here are five proven ways to make it so that it does not hurt excruciatingly later. But the main advice is still the same: know your measure. No amount of life hacks will help you avoid a hangover if you drink all night without stopping.

Just because there are calories in beer and wine does not mean that these drinks will pass for dinner. When we drink on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream faster. So we advise you not to neglect the variety of New Year’s dishes. The main thing is not to eat everything all night long: the best solution is a hearty late dinner without mayonnaise salads, but with meat or poultry dishes and complex carbohydrates. 

Decide on drinks

There is a belief that different types of alcohol should not be mixed – this aggravates the hangover. In fact, this is a dubious fact. But it is known for sure that dark drinks like rum or red wine contain more congeners – substances arising from fermentation (acetone, acetaldehyde, fusel oils, tannins). Congeners make hangovers harder, so stick with vodka, gin, or white wine instead of whiskey. By the way, we do not recommend leaning on sparkling wine: the bubbles not only irritate the gastric mucosa, but also increase the absorption of alcohol into the blood.   

Choose quality over

There is no need to “taste” a new brandy from an unknown manufacturer, promotional wine or aniseed vodka brought by friends from vacation. Choose quality, proven alcohol: this way you most likely will not lose the connection between the amount you drink and your condition. Another plus of expensive alcohol is that, as a rule, it goes through more stages of distillation, therefore it contains fewer insidious congeners, because of which we feel so bad afterwards. 

Drink water 

Before, during and after – water is guaranteed to relieve a hangover headache in the morning. The tissues surrounding the brain are predominantly water, and it is believed that when dehydrated, which alcohol invariably leads to, these tissues “shrink” and cause the same sensation of pressure in the head. After each alcoholic drink, drink a glass of clean water: this will help avoid aching pain in the head and throughout the body.  

Do not smoke

As part of the study , over eight weeks, 113 students monitored the amount of alcohol and cigarettes they consumed daily, as well as their hangover symptoms. As a result, it turned out that against the background of drinking in considerable quantities, smoking seriously exacerbated the risk and severity of a hangover. Well, another reason to give up this bad habit and start the new year in a healthy way.

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