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Life hack: Spa day in 30 minutes at home

IN A WORLD OF DAILY STRESS, FAST FOOD AND A SITTEN LIFESTYLE, there is nothing more valuable than wellness. How to quickly get in shape, cheer up and instantly feel better – our express instruction will tell you. 

In winter, more than ever, you want a complete body care: remove everything dry and flaky, get health and freshness from under the layer of fatigue. A full day or even a couple of treatments at the spa is time consuming and expensive, but you can always perform basic rituals without leaving your own bathroom. We believe that the main goal of spa treatments is not perfectly smooth feet, but pleasure and inner peace. Therefore, trying to completely transform in half an hour is not the best idea, but it is quite possible to quickly revive the body and spirit. Here’s a guide to action in seven easy steps.

If you’ve already washed your hair, you’re in luck – minus one task. If not, go ahead and apply a targeted hair mask for a while, while you are acidifying in the bath.

Mechanical peels are now not held in high esteem – we are gradually coming to the regular use of cosmetics with acids. You can also apply a light acidic lotion immediately after cleansing, right in front of the face mask. This is advised to do in order to finally get rid of dirt and dead cells before the main care. Just make sure first that the products are compatible and together not be too aggressive for your skin type. 

While the bathtub is filling, it is dry brushing time. Why it is needed, we have already told: for tightened, smooth skin and blood circulation by five. How to use it correctly is well described here. Cosmetologists advise applying a little body oil to it to soften friction and nourish the skin. Then arm yourself with a file for the feet and also lightly walk “dry” – this will refresh the skin of the heels. If you have time, clean your steamed feet again after the bath.  

If you haven’t got hold of luxury bath products, it doesn’t matter – add ordinary sea salt to the water. To prevent the essential oil from spreading over the surface of the water with a film, drop it on a hill of salt and send it to the bath in a couple of minutes. A special baby bath oil like Mustela Stelatopia is great for softening hard water and rescuing skin prone to dryness.  

Lie in a bath with a mask on your face and without unnecessary thoughts in your head. When you complete the chill rate, use a peeling. Choose high-quality peelings with natural abrasive particles: floating around in plastic balls is not very pleasant and not at all environmentally friendly. 

In winter, when the skin lacks moisture, we advise you not to be too seduced by luxury body lotions, but choose cosmeceuticals like Physiogel or Eucerin: their products are well absorbed, solve the problem of dehydration and are indicated for people with atopic dermatitis. If you want a luxurious scent, you can always add a couple of drops of essential oil or apply some of your favorite cream to your arms and shoulders.   

After all the serums and face creams, exhale and brew the tea. You took care of the body, you probably did it in half an hour, and now give yourself a little more time to rest your thoughts.

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