Sedative Meds

Nervous system

The nervous system is an integral morphological and functional set of various interrelated, nerve structures that, together with the endocrine system, provides interrelated regulation of the activity of all body systems and reaction to changes in the conditions of the internal and external environment. The nervous system acts as an integrative system, linking sensitivity, motor activity and other regulatory systems (endocrine and immune) in one whole.


Self-awareness Self-awareness is different from relaxation — it is a brilliant meditative practice that focuses the brain and body on the present moment: on what is happening around, and not on what is in your head. It has been proven…
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Relaxation The evening calm mode (an important role is played here by relaxation or self-awareness) will allow better control of the situation. You create a model that the body recognizes and instinctively begins to prepare for sleep. Sedation mode Come…
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