Sedative Meds


They are essential for successful program execution.
limited sleep. This strategy will not help if you allow yourself
skip at least one.
1 The bed is for sleep and sex only. Do not watch
TV, do not use a computer, do not eat, do not work, do not pay
bills – and not even read in bed!
2 Observe the mode. Set an alarm to ring in the morning.
at the same time. On weekends, you can afford another hour
lie, but only.
3 It is forbidden to sleep during the day – in general. If you sleep for
of the day, you will not only loosen the incentive to sleep and deceive the body
who will not understand when it should expect to sleep, but, apart from everything
Other things, break associations between bed and sleep.
4 Go to bed only after you feel sleepy.
Do not go to bed if you are not tired. If lying in bed
you are not satisfied because you cannot fall asleep,
you only exacerbate the problem. Need to listen more carefully
internal settings of your body. Be on your guard when you feel
real fatigue.
5 Get out of bed if you can not sleep. It is complicated, but
An absolutely essential part of a limited sleep strategy. If
you are lying in bed and you cannot fall asleep, get up and do something.
If you are awake for about fifteen minutes, lying in bed, pull out
out of the room. This may sound like a nightmare, but it’s
Extremely effective way to keep the connection between bed and sleep.
Plan what you will do when you wake up, then you will be busy
more likely. For example, put a book in the living room
want to read. Whatever room you go, do not turn on the bright
light that interferes with the secretion of melatonin. Just dim the lamp and
try to relax – and then, feeling tired, go back to
the bedroom.
It may seem illogical to you to reduce the time allotted for sleep, but
The principle of this strategy is that during this period the body is so
eager to sleep, that you immediately begin to nod. So you sum up
You spend the time that you usually spend in a dream, and do not catch an hour or two in a night.
Depriving the body of luxury to lie in bed without sleeping, you force it to fall asleep in the confines
wake up and restart the biological clock, causing sleep
again becomes involuntary. When you will eventually spend in bed
more time, the body will get used to fall asleep immediately – and sleep all night. It is shocked
really, but your body is worth a good shake.

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