Sedative Meds

Sleep log

1. First you need to know how much time you usually sleep. Using the magazine
from the last ten nights, calculate the average time you spend at night
in bed (divide by ten the total number of hours). Also calculate how many
night cents takes sleep (divide sleep time by total time spent in
beds, and multiply by 100).
Please note that the limited sleep strategy is intended
only for those who sleep less than 85% of night time; limited sleep should be
must last at least 4.5 hours. If at night you sleep less than 4.5 hours, forget about it and
press figure 4.5 at a minimum.
2. Then decide what time you will go to bed and what time you will wake up, proceeding
from average sleep time. Let’s say you sleep an average of six hours per night. Take selected
New time to rise and count back – usually your alarm clock rings at 7 am, then you
must go to bed at 1 in the morning. So you have a window for sleeping at six o’clock. If in
this time you don’t want to sleep, do not go to bed, but this is the earliest hang-up time
no matter how tired you are. And remember, you must abide by the five rules of limiting
sleep: if you don’t want to sleep, don’t go to bed, and if you wake up in the middle of the night
and you can not sleep for fifteen minutes, get out of bed and do something.
3. Set a goal to expand the mode of calm – it is desirable that
lasted at least an hour – and make sure you have enough time before going to bed.
4. When completing this task, keep a journal, and at the end of each week, calculate
how much time did you sleep in percentage terms (total sleep time divided by all
time spent in bed, and multiply by 100).
5. Once you reach 90% or more, time spent in bed can be
increase by fifteen minutes a week. (That is, if this time is six o’clock,
you would have to sleep at least five hours and twenty five minutes for
the whole week, and then add fifteen minutes.) After you add these minutes,
if you manage to sleep 90% of the time, during the next seven nights you can
for another fifteen minutes — and so on, week after week. (Resist the temptation
more than fifteen minutes, since you will break the emerging regime.)
If you strictly follow the regime, at some point you will reach the level at which you need to stay: a dream that really meets your needs.
This process is not simple – both physically and mentally, but it will forever change your
sleep style. You will be more tired, it means that you will fall asleep as soon as you lie in
bed, and sleep all night long. You will also manage to reasonably manage your day.
Noah life – this will trace the body. If you used to spend in bed nine
hours, but only six of them slept (67% of night time), now you will sleep more
part of the time you are in bed is 90–100%.
Yes, this is a tough strategy, but it works. With it, you can understand how much
time you need to sleep – not how much you want; consciousness will learn to bind
bed with sleep, not with excitement and anxiety. Starting a strategy of limited sleep, not
forget about the fact that you simply return to the body that it did not receive. Following
this mode, you will sleep as much time as usual, but now you give yourself
the ability to increase the duration of sleep.
We would not be surprised if you are afraid to proceed to such a painful and, at first
a look, dangerous strategy. However, before you give up, you could make
list of “for” and “against.” Try to supplement it with your own ideas.

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